4 Common VIKING Oven Problems (Troubleshooting)

viking oven problems
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viking oven problems

Viking is famous for the commercial oven ranges. Their oven ranges are designed with a combination of efficiency and power which helps create a professional cooking experience at home (or restaurants). There are various designs available in these ovens, such as sealed burners, open burners, induction ovens, and electric griddles. If you have a Viking oven, it’s important to be aware of Viking oven problems. So, let’s have a look at the problems as well as the solutions!

VIKING Oven Problems

1) Igniter Keeps Clicking

The oven ranges are the best choice for people who want baking as well as cooking capacities. However, some users have been complaining about the stove’s igniter that keeps clicking even after you turn the knob, you have to clean up the burner. The burner getting clogged up is pretty common since people drop food on the burners while cooking.

In addition to food residence, corrosion and water in the burner can hinder the gas flow in the burner. So, you must inspect the igniter and see if there is a spark whenever you turn the knob. This is because the igniter might be working alright but food residues prevent the electric spark to appear closer to the gas stream (it will restrict ignition).

That being said, if there are food residues, you can take off the burner and remove the food particles. We suggest that you use a dry cloth for cleaning off the residues. On the other hand, if there is corrosion, you must replace the burner to ensure seamless gas flow.

2) Burner Won’t Ignite

In the majority of cases, the burners fail to ignite because the burners are clogged. The solution is simple; you have to take off the burner and examine it. Then, clean the burner thoroughly and it’s likely to fix the ignition issues with the burner. On the other hand, if changing or repairing the burner doesn’t work, you must check the electrode.

That’s to say because if the electrode is not getting ample power, it will not heat up and the burner will not ignite. That being said, you have to call the oven technician and ask them to replace the electrode. However, make sure that the electrode is from a reliable brand to ensure long-term functionality. Lastly, while you getting the electrode changed, replace the knobs because faulty knobs can adversely impact the ignition.

3) Igniter Is Not Sparking

When it comes down to igniter not sparking, it is caused by the dislocated igniter. This is because the electrode might be unable to build the electric arch with the surface (the burners, to be precise). This happens when the electrode is positioned too far away from the burner surface. Secondly, it can happen if the burner is clogged with food residues or if it’s rusted.

The first step is to analyze the burner and see if it’s cleaned. When the burner is clean, you need to ensure that the burner cap is placed in the right place. In addition, the burner cap must be placed firmly on the burner head (you can touch the cap to make sure it doesn’t wobble). If this doesn’t fix your issue, the heating elements and thermostat might be broken.

For the most part, checking the thermostat and heating elements is not possible for beginners or commoners. So, it’s suggested to call the technician and ask them to fix the thermostat and heating elements for you. In some severe cases, they might have to replace them, so be ready for spending some money!

4) Oven Isn’t Switching On

If your Viking oven is not switching on, it won’t heat up either. That being said, the first option is to check the breaker box (if you are using the electric version). This is because the power surges can result in the tripping of the breaker switch. So, check the breaker switch and make sure that it’s switched on. Secondly, your Viking oven must be connected to a 220V or 240V outlet to optimize sufficient power.

If there are no issues with the breaker switch or power outlet, you must check the infinite switch and thermostat. The infinite switch can be easily fixed by replacement and it’s better to replace the thermostat. On the contrary, if you have a gas oven, you have to check and repair/replace the gas igniter or gas valve.

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