5 Reasons Why Frigidaire Refrigerator Making Clicking Noise

frigidaire refrigerator making clicking noise
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frigidaire refrigerator making clicking noise

Frigidaire is one of the most prominent brands out there that is known for the home electric appliances that are exceptionally great for all the different terms of needs you can have. They are an American-based manufacturer with certainly great appliances equipped with all the modern features and that would be the best thing for anyone to get the best possible experience out of their kitchen.

Frigidaire refrigerators are one such appliance that people love to have, and they are essentially great in terms of durability, features and more so there are hardly any problems that one might have to feel on these refrigerators. However, at times you might be facing certain issues like clicking sounds from the refrigerator. Here are a few things that one will need to know about the factor and how it can be fixed.

Why Frigidaire Refrigerator Is Making Clicking Noise?

1. Relays

There are essential relays on the mainboard that open and close with the functioning of the refrigerator. The relays will close when the refrigerator takes a break and then turns on again. To keep the compressor working optimally and to avoid defrosting, the compressor automatically trips and that will cause you to have these problems with the clicking sound. The best way to figure it out is to ensure that you are turning the refrigerator off and on manually and if you hear the same clicking sounds on that as well, that will be the relay sound.

If you are listening to the same clicking sounds on turning the refrigerator on and off manually as well, that would mean your refrigerator is fine and there is not much that you will have to worry about it.

2. Compressor Overload

Another reason for this can be compressor overload and due to that, it can cause you to have certain different problems like the compressor might turn itself off and then it will automatically turn on in a few seconds. That could be due to the compressor getting old, some wattage fluctuations, or any other similar reason and you will need to ensure that you get the compressor checked with a technician thoroughly to get rid of the problem.

At times, the compressor might be getting overloaded due to lesser refrigerant that might be caused due to a leak in the system, or it might be needing a replacement since compressors in refrigerators are wearable components and they tend to go bad after a certain time.

3. Dirty Condenser

One of the most common reasons that is faced with the people facing clicking noises on their Frigidaire refrigerator making those clicking noises is the dirty condenser. If there is some dirt on the condenser or some other particles clogging it, it will cause load on the compressor that is certainly not something you would want to have and that could be the reason for you having to face this clicking noise on your Frigidaire refrigerator too often. Making sure that you clean the condenser regularly and keeping it away from dirt should be enough for you to ensure that you will not have to face any such problems in the future.

4. Auto-Defrost

You will also need to know that the refrigerator might be auto-defrosting as that helps the refrigerator to maintain optimal temperature on the newer models of Frigidaire refrigerators. If the refrigerator is on the auto-defrost mode, the ice inside the refrigerator and freezer compartment will melt and break down and that can be the reason. When the ice breaks down, it causes you to have problems such as these clicking noises.

5. Get it Checked

If you have thoroughly checked these factors and are still unable to diagnose where the clicking sounds are coming from, or what error you might be getting on your Frigidaire refrigerator, you will need to make sure that you get it checked with an authorized technician from Frigidaire who will be able to pinpoint these clicking noises and see what can be done about it. That would be the safest way to get rid of all such problems since you will not have to worry about voiding your warranty or having some aftermarket parts installed in your refrigerator-that will hinder your overall experience later on.

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