VacMaster Bags vs FoodSaver Bags: Which One To Choose?

vacmaster bags vs foodsaver bags
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vacmaster bags vs foodsaver bags

The vacuum sealers are designed to be used with special vacuum sealing bags that help preserve the food. Many people try using regular bags for vacuum sealing but they don’t work properly.

This is because vacuum-sealing bags are made from food-grade material and have multiple layers, which makes them durable and thicker.

These bags can withstand high heat and pressure as the vacuum sealers are designed to remove moisture and air from the bags and create an airtight seal.

So, if you have purchased a vacuum sealer but don’t know which company has the best bags, we are sharing the VacMaster bags vs. FoodSaver bags comparison with you!

VacMaster Bags vs FoodSaver Bags

The Comparison Chart

  VacMaster Vacuum Sealing Bags FoodSaver Bags
Form Precut form Precut as well as rolled form
Mesh Yes No
Thickness HD three-mil 4-mil

VacMaster Vacuum Sealing Bags

VacMaster has a wide range of vacuum sealers and they have designed special vacuum sealing bags to ensure proper preservation and storage of the food.

vacmaster bags
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The bags are designed with mesh material and they are non-chambered, which helps create a strong airtight seal.

The vacuum sealer bags come with a dispenser box, which makes it easier to take out the sealing bag and store the food. These vacuum-sealing bags can be used with every vacuum sealer out there.

  1. Design

The vacuum sealer bags are non-chambered, which helps ensure that all the air is sucked out and there are no air pockets.

The bags can be boiled, frozen, refrigerated, or microwaved without losing the structural integrity or quality of the seals.

This is because the bags are made from three-mil material that ensures exceptional protection for meat and other food material.

The bags are designed with full mesh and textured interiors, which allows the users to use these bags in non-chambered sealing systems.

  1. Performance

The vacuum sealer bags are designed to be used with every vacuum sealer as it has a universal design. It can help keep the food fresh for 5x longer.

It can be used to preserve food while protecting it from dehydration and freezer burns. In addition, you can refrigerate the sealed bags or put them in the freezer.

They are made from HD 3-mil material that prevents the puncturing of the bag.

FoodSaver Bags

FoodSaver is one of the best companies to offer vacuum sealers and they have designed their own vacuum sealer bags.

foodsaver bags
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Their vacuum sealer bags are designed to be used with the vacuum sealer. The bags are available in precut form as well as in the form of rolls.

With the rolls, you can easily cut the desired size of the vacuum-sealing bag – it helps preserve as much food as you want.

  1. Design

The vacuum sealing bags are available in different sizes, ranging from one quart to 11 x 16 inches, and 8 x 20 inches. The rolled bags are sealed but there are precut bags available as well.

The bags are manufactured with multi-ply material, which prevents tears and punctures. It is made from BPA-free material – it is pliable and durable to make sure food is covered with an airtight barrier.

The thick material of these bags can handle food items with shells and bones. The best thing about these bags is that they are designed with double-track zippers as well.

  1. Performance

The vacuum sealer bags are extremely convenient to use as you can purchase the precut bags or cut them into the desired size.

To use the bags, you only have to add food to the vacuum sealer bags, add the open end of the bag into the vacuum sealer, and the vacuum sealer will do everything else.

The BPA-free material of this bag makes it suitable for cooked as well as raw food items. In addition, the bags can be used in the refrigerator, freezer, and microwave oven – you can also use them for boiling.

The bags can create an airtight seal that blocks moisture as well as oxygen. Similarly, you can use these bags for storing raw, cooked, and boiled food items.

How To Purchase The Best Vacuum Sealer Bags

There are various companies available in the market offering vacuum sealing bags but there are various factors that you’ve to consider to ensure you are purchasing the right ones!

  1. Texture

In case you have a channel vacuum sealer, you need to purchase textured vacuum sealing bags. This is because a textured side is essential to ensure the removal of air from the bag.

A channel vacuum sealer can actually seal the non-textured or smooth bags but they are made from weaker material, which adversely impacts the quality of sealing.

  1. Price

Price is one of the primary considerations when purchasing vacuum sealer bags. The majority of vacuum sealer bags can be used with any vacuum sealer, except FoodSaver sealers (they need FoodSaver bags).

Keep in mind that FoodSaver vacuum sealing bags can be expensive but they are more durable and have better quality standards.

  1. Quantity

If you want to get the best price, it’s recommended that you purchase the bags in bulk. Ideally, you shouldn’t purchase less than 100 bags because you might end up paying 2x more.

The good thing is that the vacuum sealing bags don’t get damaged, so your money won’t go to waste.

  1. Precut Bags Or Rolls

The rolls are usually more affordable as compared to precut bags and they are more flexible. This is because you can cut the rolls into the desired size.

On the other hand, the precut bags are easier to use as you don’t have to cut the bags and seal an end before you start packing the food.

In case you purchase the rolls, it’s recommended that you purchase a bag dispense as they are designed with a cutter for easier bag cutting.

The Bottom Line

On a concluding, both these companies have designed high-quality bags but FoodSaver vacuum sealing bags are more expensive.

However, the FoodSaver bags are also thicker as compared to VacMaster, so they promise a high value for money!

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