Top Ramen vs Maruchan: What’s The Difference?

top ramen vs maruchan
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top ramen vs maruchan

Instant noodles are more than seasoning and hot water; instant noodles are a lifestyle. There is an increasing trend of people looking for quick snacks, and instant noodles are the top choices. For this reason, new brands have come into the market.

For this reason, we are talking about Top Ramen Vs. Maruchan, as these two brands are famous for instant noodles. So, let’s check out the details!

Top Ramen vs Maruchan

Top Ramen

Top Ramen has been around since 1970, and it was basically launched because Americans didn’t have the ramen bowls; interesting! Top Ramen is widely famous among college students and has become the top-selling instant noodle brand out there. The best thing about this brand is that it actually helped during the food crisis of World War II. These noodles are pretty great and have a flat texture.

These noodles are extremely delicious and flavorful. There are different flavors from this brand, and seasoning is different for every flavor. However, these noodles have intense smoothness. Above all, Top Ramen noodles hardly stick, so you can eat them even if they are cold. Since it’s famous for instant noodles, these noodles are extremely easy and quick to be cooked.

Top Ramen noodles are extremely popular in Japan and the US. There are different flavors, but the original flavor is extremely famous. In addition, if you opt for the chicken flavor, it will lead to an oily and golden broth. All in all, these noodles have concentrated flavor. As far as the texture of the noodles is concerned, it will be curlier and springier as compared to other brands.

Beef Flavor

Top Ramen is extremely famous for the beef flavor. However, people feel like the beef flavor leads to the dark salt flavor rather than the beefy taste. The broth of these noodles can coat the noodles and add a savory flavor. On the contrary, if the broth is dense, you might feel a beefy flavor (it could be hazy).

Chicken Flavor

In addition to beef flavor, what’s the point of instant noodles if you don’t try the chicken flavor? That being said, the chicken flavor of Top Ramen is extremely delicious. It has a chicken flavor with a racing taste. The chicken flavor leads to a chicken bullion flavor in the soup.

Top Ramen chicken flavor has a starchy flavor, and the flavor is savory. In addition to chicken and beef flavor, Top Ramen also has shrimp, chili vegetarian, hot & spicy beef, along with soy sauce vegetarian.


This is the American-Japanese brand of instant noodles (ramen noodles, to be precise). In addition, they have cup noodles for people who like to eat quick food. They tend to sell around 3.6 billion ramen noodle products on an annual basis. However, these noodles are popular in Mexico and the United States. They have an extensive range of flavors, such as;


Chili instant noodles deliver the bold flavor, and the broth has chili whispers. These noodles have a spicy flavor in the broth, but the texture of noodles is not great. Truth be told, broth has an exceptional flavor, but some people feel like it’s not very chili-like. However, when you cook these noodles, it’s best to have lesser soup because it amps up the flavor and makes it more concentrated.

Creamy Chicken

This is an amazing flavor and will taste just like your creamy pasta. The creamy chicken flavor is pretty creamy, but the texture might be a bit weird. Some people will feel like these noodles have chicken alfredo flavor. However, you will need to use a lesser amount of water because noodles need to be creamy, right?


For everyone who wants the seafood flavor, shrimp noodles are great for you. These noodles have seafood flavoring, but they won’t taste like shrimp. It’s safe to say that shrimp noodles will lead to a slight umami flavor. On the contrary, the scent isn’t too great, but the taste is pretty amazing. The broth will have a fishy flavor. We suggest that you add real shrimp to the noodles to deliver better flavor.

Roast Beef

The roast beef flavor of Maruchan instant noodles is amazing and can be found at the local grocery stores. These noodles will lead to a beefy flavor and have the smokiness that we all love. It’s best to add some sesame oil, lemon juice, and soy sauce to these noodles because it brings out the flavor. Also, if you want a full ramen experience, add some mushrooms and a soft-boiled egg.


In the majority of cases, Japanese restaurants deliver the pork broth in soups, and pork instant noodles will deliver a similar flavor. These noodles have umami and deep flavor. In addition, it has a savory flavor. The flavor is not great, but it’s reasonable. However, we love the meaty richness of these noodles. You can also add sliced pork or salami along with greens to make ramen.

Picante Chicken

In addition to the classic chicken flavor, Maruchan has the Picante chicken flavor. These noodles deliver the spicy-flavored chicken broth. However, it isn’t too spicy and can add a perfect kick to add an interesting flavor to the broth. If you want to add some hotness, don’t forget to add the hot sauce, and it will become the spicy chicken broth.


This is the classic flavor and has become a top-notch Maruchan noodle. These noodles have deep and dark flavors. It has an extremely delicious broth and delivers an umami flavor. However, the umami flavor can be a bit intense, so you can add water to it.

Lime Chili Shrimp

This flavor has a hearty and fresh flavor. It might add hints of habanero peppers (these peppers are extremely hot). In addition to spicy flavor, these noodles have the summery and light shrimp flavor.

Roast Chicken

A roast chicken flavor is a perfect option for people who want an extra kick to the classic chicken flavor. These noodles have a very deep flavor. In addition, this flavor adds a stronger chicken flavor to the noodles.

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