7 Best Substitutes For Apricot Nectar

substitute for apricot nectar
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substitute for apricot nectar

Those yellow and orange fruits that taste like heaven with the fine combination of tart and sweet, yes, we are talking about the apricots. The apricots are higher in carotene, Vitamin A, fiber, and Vitamin C. With this being said, apricots have a variety of health benefits, such as better digestions, cardiac improvement, and provides hydration. So, in this article, we are sharing all about apricot nectar and substitute for apricot nectar!

Substitute For Apricot Nectar

Apricot nectar is pretty easy to make because all you need to do is blend the apricots, sugar, water, and lemon juice. In some cases, the apricots are simmered before adding lemon and sugar. Once everything is mixed, the canning process is initiated, which can be stored for the entire winter season. With this being said, if you are considering if apricot nectar and juice, let us tell you that they are different.

This is because apple nectar and juice can be used as substitutes. The prime difference is that nectar has pure apricot pulp, while nectar has additional ingredients. As for the thickness, the nectar tends to be thicker, which can drink. On the other hand, if you cannot find the right substitute for apricot nectar, we have added some high-end choices!

1) Canned Peaches

For people who cannot find the apricot nectar, you can go for canned peaches without a second thought. Also, if you think the canned peaches are low in nutrient value, this is nothing but a myth. This is because canned peaches have a higher vitamin value, such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A. The canned peaches have the cell wall opened, which increases the nutrient count by multiple folds. In the case of taste, peaches promise a similar combination of tart and sweetness. So, there will only be the slightest change in different but will make an effective substitute.

2) Peach Nectar Or Puree

Well, if you cannot find the canned peaches, you can always go for the peaches and make the puree yourself. This is the seamless choice because peach puree is very easy to make and is safe for toddlers as well. The peaches have similar nutrient values as that of apricots, hence the similar taste and health benefits. On the other hand, if you don’t want to make the puree yourself, the peach puree is readily available at grocery stores. In addition, you can opt for peach nectar because it offers somehow similar taste and aroma.

3) Dried Apricots

The dried apricots are designed with the highest level of nutrients the same as that of fresh apricots. Well, the only difference is the absence of juicy content. So, if you cannot find the apricot nectar, you can always make the puree of dried apricots and use it in your dishes without any second thought; we promise the right flavor!

4) Pear Puree

For everyone who has been looking for a suitable substitute for apricot nectar, opting for pear puree or pear juice will not fail you. The pear puree promises metabolic and health benefits. If you use the ripe pears, the puree or juice will taste sweet, or else, it might have a tingly yet mild taste. With this being said, you can make pear puree or pear juice to be used as a substitute for apricot nectar.

5) Apples

You must have heard how an apple a day will keep the doctor away, right? Similarly, one glass of apple juice will suffice to the apricot nectar needs. Apple juice provides a unique flavor, which is pretty hydrating. With this being said, apple juice will optimize health standards and taste. All in all, it makes a fine substitute for apricot nectar.

6) Mangoes To The Rescue

If you want an apricot nectar substitute that promises the perfect combination of sour and sweet, using mango nectar will be an optimal choice. Well, it’s not the most popular substitute out there, but it will do wonders for taste and aroma. In addition, it offers the same digestive and antioxidant properties.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there are a variety of apricot nectar substitutes out there, and you can pick whatever suits your recipe (and wallet). So, have a good dessert time!

substitute for apricot nectar
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