Semolina vs Cream Of Wheat: What’s the Difference?

semolina vs cream of wheat
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semolina vs cream of wheat

Be it for making tortilla or pita bread, flour is an essential ingredient for every kitchen. However, there are various forms of flours out there, such as semolina vs. cream of wheat. These flours are pretty distinct and can lead to different textures and flavors. With this article, we are sharing the information about these flour variants!

Semolina vs Cream Of Wheat


To illustrate, it is the gritty yet coarse particles of the durum wheat. These particles are milled down to make a fine flour. Semolina is widely used for making porridge, idli, couscous, knafeh, and up. It is also used in various dessert recipes. As per the information, semolina is the flour ground that is made from the middlings of durum wheat, which is a variety of hard wheat. It is often used to make 00 flour or pasta flour. 00 flour is an ingredient of kinds of pasta and pizzas.

There are various forms of hard wheat out there and all of them result in different semolina. Semolina has a different proportion of starch and protein. However, it still cannot be used as an alternative to all-purpose flour. It is commonly known as sooji or rava. Semolina is finely grounded for batters and is left coarse if it has to be used as the main ingredient. It is made from various wheat forms, such as durum wheat or soft wheat.

The semolina made from durum wheat usually has a yellow color. This semolina variant is used for making desserts as well as savory dishes. Truth be told, it’s the fine-grain that promises gritty outcome. Some people might also see the texture like cornbread. On the other hand, semolina made from soft wheat usually has a white color which is known as farina in the US. This semolina variant has light integration of wheat germ and bran.

Semolina is readily available at the grocery stores. However, you can also buy them from the local milling company in your area. However, always ensure that you are buying semolina made from durum wheat. In case you cannot find semolina at the grocery store, you can check from Pakistani, Indian, or Italian. In the Pakistani and Indian grocery stores, it will be available as rawa or sooji.

Cream of Wheat

Cream of wheat is being manufactured since 1893 and it has become a popular cereal. It’s actually the cereal infused with a mild flavor and is usually served hot. It tends to have a smooth texture. Some people also name it farina since both of them are the same things. Cream of wheat is made from the whole-wheat kernel which is grounded in the coarse texture. However, the bran is removed. As a result, some wheat germs and the inner core are left in the mixture.

Cream of wheat is cooked and served hot and makes a healthy breakfast. It is cooked with nonfat milk and is beneficial for everyone out there, irrespective of age. When cooked, cream of wheat gains a smooth and thick texture, along with creamy flavor. Usually, cream of wheat is made with milk but it can be cooked with water as well. On the top, sweets, nuts, or other savory ingredients can be added.

Cream of wheat is often enriched with micronutrients while the calorie count is incredibly low. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that cream of wheat has ample nutrients for the body. For instance, there are multiple vitamins, iron, and micronutrients, such as selenium which enhances immunity. As far as consumption is concerned, it is a versatile option and can be enjoyed in various ways. However, one can always add toppings to make the desired taste or flavor.

Cream of wheat is extensively used by people on diets because it works great with oats and porridge. On the contrary, you can make it sweet by adding maple syrup or honey, whatever you like. In case you want the savory taste, it can be made with cheese and butter.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that semolina and cream of wheat have differentiated taste. For instance, semolina has a sweet taste but it has nutty tones as well. On the other hand, cream of wheat has a plain taste which is cooked with maple syrup or butter and cheese, depending on the preferences!

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