7 Best Substitutes For Radish (Alternatives To Radish)

radish substitute
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radish substitute

Radishes are the vegetables that are used in many households worldwide. There are famous because of the many varieties and shapes they are available in. The roots are edible, they grow and increase in size, and its color range from white, pink, red, to even black. They are fast-growing and yield vegetables every year. Radishes are cheap and can be eaten either raw or by cooking. It has a peppery taste, and the texture is crisp. So, it is usually added to a salad but makes some fantastic dishes when sauteed or roasted. However, you may want to try some radish substitutes that will give similar taste and benefits.

Daikon is a white, cylinder form of radish popular for its mild taste compared to the red form. The red form is particularly famous in the US. Everyone loves it become of its crisp bite and spicy flavor. They have high amounts of essential nutrients and provide many health benefits.

These include anticancer properties, better digestion, anti-fungal characteristics that can prevent you from Candida albicans fungus. Salads are a number one choice during weight loss, and radishes are usually part of these salads. Radishes have Vitamin C giving it antioxidant properties. They add a great taste, crisp, and peppery flavor complementing other items used.

Radish Substitute

Radishes are unsung vegetables that provide numerous benefits. However, if you want some alternatives, go through the list we created for you.

1) Jicama

The white inside of Jicama is indicative of its crunchy, not very sweet, and nutty quality. You can use this instead of radish in a salad. It compensates for the crunchy and crispy part of the radish and the health benefits provided by it. Jicama is fiber-rich and is low on sugar. Hence, a great choice for diabetic patients and those aiming to lose weight.

2) White Turnips

These look similar to red radishes in shape. The taproot is swollen and contains the edible vegetable. White turnips taste sweet when cooked in contrast to radishes that taste spicy. In raw form, they have a bitter taste. Like every vegetable, white turnip comes with a long nutrient profile, that would be an excellent addition to your kitchen in the winter season, as these are available in winters only.  

3) Cabbage

In case you need radish for soup, especially daikon, cabbage can be a suitable alternative. The core of the cabbage is crunchy and a little bitter. Cabbage is an important ingredient in salads too. So, use it as a radish substitute if you do not have any radish available.

4) Beetroot

As the name indicates, it comes from the root part of the beet plant. The flavor of the beetroots is bitter and earthy that makes it a suitable replacement for radish. If you want to add something other than radish in the salad, cut small beetroots pieces, and enjoy its health benefits. It is rich in nitrates and reduces the risk of heart problems.

5) Horseradish root

This one is used as a spice worldwide. Horseradish root is spicy, and you can make your horseradish by using its root, salt, and vinegar. It can be an alternative to radish in terms of its flavor.

6) Parsnips

The appearance of a parsnip is like a pale carrot. It has a sweet flavor and contains starch. Parsnips can be eaten raw, roasted, or added to soups. So, add parsnips instead of a radish if you want something on a sweeter side.

7) Carrots

Carrots vary in taste depending on each piece. It is usually sweet and earthy and is a great way to add crispiness and sweetness to your dish. Although it is not a direct radish substitute, carrots can be used when you do not have any other vegetables at home.

Vegetables add vibrant colors and flavor to a dish. These edible plants are unique because they can be consumed in raw form or cooked through various methods. Radish is a readily available vegetable, but if you do not have any at your home or want to change something different in your food, go for the radish substitutes we have discussed. It will change the monotony of eating the same thing again. Make sure to use these vegetables safely.

radish substitute
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