Vacuum Cooker vs Pressure Cooker Differences

Pressure Cooker vs. Vacuum Cooker
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Pressure Cooker vs. Vacuum Cooker

Vacuum Cooker vs Pressure Cooker

In terms of kitchen cookers, pressure cookers have been the tried and true form of cooking throughout the years, but the newer vacuum cooker has been giving it a run for its money. When comparing the two, vacuum cooker vs pressure cooker, which one comes out on top? In this article, we are going to find out.

Pressure cooking could not be any more different than vacuum cleaning because while the vacuum cooking method uses a low cooking temperature and takes hours to fully prepare, a pressure cooker raises the temperature and cooks it much fast.

However, what comes along with that is that pressure cookers have less control over the evenness of the cooking and can sometimes remove the moisture from the meat. On the other hand, in the vacuum method of cooking, there is an even and precise temperature, so the food is evenly cooked, and it reduces the risk of the food from being overdone.

Another difference is that the high temperature that pressure cookers use can sometimes take away from the flavor of whatever is being cooked, while the vacuum cleaner keeps the food moisturized and full of flavor.

Both the pressure cooker and the vacuum cooker are great for ensuring that the nutrients are maintained in the food, but they do have different methods in doing so. While vacuum cookers take much longer than pressure cookers, they are more even while pressure cookers are quick but not as even.

Pressure Cookers


  • Fast at Cooking: The pressure cookers are quick to heat up and cook because of the high boiling temperatures.
  • Maintain the Nutrients: Though the food can get overdone, the nutrients are still maintained within the food.
  • Safe to Use: Pressure Cookers have advanced through the years to become safer and more reliable.


  • Cook Unevenly: Because the temperature is hard to maintain, the food can come out uneven.
  • Reduce the Moisture: Since they cook so fast, some of the moisture can be pulled out from the food.
  • The Food can be Overdone: Similar to the previous con, the moisture can be taken out and the food can easily be overcooked if not monitored.

Vacuum Cookers


  • There is an Even Cooking Temperature: In vacuum cookers, the temperature is even and doesn’t fluctuate much.
  • The Food Stays Moisturized: Because it cooks slowly, the moisture is retained within the food and it stays even.
  • The Food Doesn’t get Overdone: Since they take so long to cook, the food does not get overdone.


  • They Take a Long Time: Unlike pressure cookers, vacuum cookers take a long time to heat up and cook.
  • Flavors can Become too much: Vacuum cookers do not take a lot of the flavor from the food, so some foods such as bay leaves may cause too much flavor.
  • Some Foods may Float: Not all of the food will cook right because some of them may float within the vacuum cooker.


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