The Pressure Cooker Meat, Poultry And Egg Timing Charts

Pressure Cook Meat Poultry Egg Timing Charts
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Pressure Cook Meat Poultry Egg Timing Charts

Whether you are a novice pressure cooker or are a pro that has been at it for a while, there are some great meat and poultry recipes that you can make with your pressure cooker. It does not matter whether you are preparing a whole chicken or a few eggs, pressure cookers not only cook faster than most other cooking methods, but they also ensure that the food you are preparing remains moist and flavourful.

Please note that it can be very easy to overcook poultry when preparing it in a pressure cooker as it is usually impossible to check the temperature or the level of doneness when your meat is cooking. As such, you should always pay careful attention to the recipes, as well as the cooking times to avoid mishaps in the end.

What to remember when pressure cooking meat, poultry, and eggs

Steaming hard boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are great for preparing in a pressure cooker. Simply place some eggs in a steamer basket and add some water before steaming. When done, the shells will fall right off.

Thighs tend to perform better than breasts

When it comes to poultry, thighs tend to perform a lot better than breast when put in a pressure cooker. Because chicken breasts are usually leaner than thighs, they only require a few minutes of cooking time before they turn from juicy to dry and overcooked. Because thighs contain a lot more fat content, they are not easily prone to drying out.

Try not to shred or dice breasts

Even if you are following a recipe that calls for chunks or cubes of chicken breasts, it is generally better and faster to cook the meat whole. If you would still like to have it in chunks, consider cutting it up or shredding it into your preferred size after the cooking process has already been completed.

Smaller poultry is best

If you are using turkey or chicken, the size of your bird matters a lot. Generally, you should avoid cooking birds that are larger than 4 pounds. This is because you want to make sure that your bird will fit easily into your pressure cooker without getting stuck against the edges. A smaller bird will also be easier to cook through evenly compared to a large one.

Right in the pot or in a trivet?

When preparing poultry, you can cook it in a trivet, if you want your chicken to steam or you can prepare it directly in the pot. Regardless of whichever method you pick, be sure to add sufficient amounts of water as instructed by your recipe.

Whenever you are cooking with a pressure cooker, you might not get the crispiest skin like you would if you roasted or deep fried your chicken. Like slow cookers, pressure cookers work by creating a moist environment that does not allow the chicken to dry out. If you are going for dry skin, you may have to make it crispy on your stovetop before serving.

Pair similar cuts together

If you want the best pressure cooker results for your poultry, you should avoid mixing different cuts of meat together. As such, white meat should not be mixed with dark; the same goes for bone-in and de-bonded cuts. Usually, meaty areas such as drumsticks and thighs, as well as bone-in pieces require longer cooking times compared to leaner and boneless pieces.

The Pressure Cooker Meat, Poultry And Egg Timing Charts

Meat VarietyBrownLiquid MinimumCooking TimeRelease
Beef, brisket, fresh or corned; 2-3 lbs.cover completely45-50 minutesNatural
Beef, brisket, fresh or corned; 4-5 lbs.cover completely55-70 minutesNatural
Beef, cube steakYes1/2 cup6 minutesNatural
Beef, flank steakYes1 cup35 minutesNatural
Beef, ground - crumbled or pattiesYes1/2 cup6 minutesNatural
Beef, heart 3 to 4 lbcover completely50 to 75 minutesNatural
Beef, kidneycover completely8- 10 minutesNatural
Beef, liver; sliced1/2 cup5 minutesNatural
Beef, neck bonesYescover completely45 minutesNatural
Beef, oxtailsYescover completely40 to 45 minutesNatural

Beef, pot roast, round, blade, chuck, or rump; 3-4 lbs
Yes2 cups35 - 45 minutesNatural
Beef, rolled or rib roast (3 to 4 lb.)Yes2 cups35 - 45 minutesNatural
Beef, shanks - 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 inches thickYes1 1/4 cups25 minutesNatural
Beef, short ribsYes1 1/4 cups20 to 25 minutesNatural
Beef steak, round, chuck, blade, chuck, or rump; (1 to 1-1/2 inches)Yes1 1/4 cups20 minutesNatural
Beef steak, round, chuck, blade, chuck, or rump; (2 inches thick)Yes1 1/4 cups20-25 minutesNatural
Beef Steak, Tri-tip, Sirloin, TriangleYes1/2 cup8 - 12 minutes
Beef stew meat; 1 1/2 inch cubesYes1 cups15 minutesNatural
Beef, tongue fresh or smoked (2 - 3lb.)cover completely
75 to 90 minutesNatural
Beef, tripe honeycomb (2 lb.)cover completely35 minutesNatural
Chicken, boneless strips, tendersYes1/2 cup3 minutesquick or cold water
Chicken, breasts with boneYes1/2 cup6 minutesNatural
Chicken, breasts bonelessYes1/2 cup5 minutesNatural
Chicken, cubesYes1/2 cup3 minutesquick or cold water
Chicken giblets - necks, gizzards or hearts1 1/2 cups25 minutesNatural
Chicken, livers1/2 cup2 minutesquick or cold water
Chicken, ground meatYes1/2 cup4 minutesquick or cold water
Chicken, legs, drumsticks or thighs with boneYes1/2 cup7 minutesquick or cold water
Chicken, legs, drumsticks or thighs bonelessYes1/2 cup6 minutesquick or cold water
Chicken, wings1/2 cup4 minutesquick or cold water
Chicken, stewing; 4 to 5 lb.cover completely30 to 35 minutesNatural
Chicken, wings1/2 cup4 minutesquick or cold wate
Chicken, whole, roasted (3 to 4 lb.)2 cups20 minutesNatural
Cornish Hen, whole1/2 cup8 minutesNatural
Duck, piecesYes1/2 cup; must use a rack8 minutesNatural
Duck, whole (3 to 4 lb.)Yes1 cup; must use a rack25 to 30minutesNatural
Eggs, hard boiledcover completely; must use a rack5 minutescold water
Eggs, shirred, poached1/2 cup; use covered ramekins on a rack2 minutescold water
Goat, youngYesCook as per similar cuts under Lamb
Goat, matureYesCook as per similar cuts under Venison
Ham Hocks, smokedcover completely40 to 50 minutesNatural
Ham (fresh-uncooked) picnic or shoulder; 3 to 5 lbs2 1/2 cups30 to 40 minutesNatural
Ham, (fresh-uncooked) shank or butt - 3 to 5 lb.2 1/2 cups40 to 50 minutesNatural
Ham, Fully Cooked shank or butt - 3 to 5 lb.2 1/2 cups35 to 45 minutesNatural
Ham, Fully Cooked slice; 2 inch thickYes1 cup12 to 18 minutesNatural
Ham, Fully Cooked slice; 1/2 inch thickYes1/2 cup6 minutesNatural
Ham, (fresh-uncooked) slice; 1 inch thickYes1/2 cup12 minutesNatural
Lamb, breast - 2 lbsYes2 cups35 minutesNatural
Lamb chops 1/2 inch thickYes1/2 cup5 minutesquick or cold water
Lamb chops; more than 1 inch thickYes1/2 cup10 minutesquick or cold water
Lamb chops; less than 1 inch thickYes1/2 cup8 minutesquick or cold water
Lamb, ribletsYes1/2 cup6 minutesNatural
Lamb, leg (3 lb.)Yes2 cups20 minutesNatural
Lamb, neck, shoulder (bone-in) 3 to 6 lbsYes3 cups25 minutesNatural
Lamb, shanksYes2 cups20 -25 minutesNatural
Lamb steak; 1/2 inch thickYes1/2 cup8 minutesquick or cold water
Lamb stew meat; 1 inch cubesYes1 cup12-15 minutesNatural
Lamb (Mutton Roast); 4 to 6 lbsYes2 cups45 minutesNatural
PheasantYes1 1/4 cups15 to 20 minutesNatural
Pigeon (Squab), halvedYes1 1/2 cups20 to 25 minutesNatural

Pork chops or steaks, 1 inch or more, or stuffed
Yes1/2 cup8 minutesNatural
Pork chops, or steaks less than 1 inch thickYes1/2 cup6 minutesNatural
Pork, loin 3-4 lbsYes1 cups25 - 35 minutesNatural
Pork, Pigs feet1 cups30 - 45 minutesNatural
Pork ribs, spareribs1/2 cup10 minutesNatural
Pork ribs, baby back ribs1/2 cup12 minutesNatural
Pork ribs, country style (boneless) ribs1 cup14 minutesNatural
Pork, roasts, any cut, 3-4 lbsYes2 cups30 - 35 minutesNatural

Pork sausage, Italian, Polish, Kielbasa, steam on a rack
Yes1/2 cup8 minutesquick or cold water
Pork shanksYes2 cups35 minutesNatural
Pork shoulder,or arm roast (bone-in) 3lbs.Yes2 cups35 to 40 minutesNatural
Pork shoulder, or blade roast (boneless) 3lbs.Yes2 cups35 to 40 minutesNatural
Pork, smoked neck bonescover completely20 minutesNatural
Pork stew meat 1 1/2 inch cubesYes2 cups10 minutesNatural
RabbitYes1/2 cup12 to 15 minutesNatural
Turkey breast, boneless (rolled)Yes1 1/2 cups20 minutesNatural
Turkey breast, 2-2 1/2 lbs whole with bone inYes1 1/2 cups20 minutesNatural
Turkey giblets - gizzards or hearts1 1/2 cups25 minutesNatural
Turkey groundYes1/2 cups8 minutesNatural
Turkey thigh (boneless)Yes1/2 cups10 minutesNatural
Turkey thigh (bone-in)Yes1/2 cups12 minutesNatural
Turkey whole, 10-12 lbsYes2 cups40 minutesNatural
Turkey drumsticks (legs)Yes1/2 cups12 minutesNatural
Turkey parts thawedYes1/2 cups5 minutesNatural
Veal chops or steak; less than 1 inch thickYes1/2 cups5 minutesquick or cold water
Veal, leg 3-4 lbsYes2 1/2 cups50 to 60 minutesNatural
Veal roast, 3 -`4 lbsYes2 1/2 cups40 to 45 minutesNatural
Veal shanksYes2 1/2 cups18-20 minutesNatural
Veal Stew meat; 1 inch cubesYes2 cups8 minutesNatural
Venison, roast, any cut, 3 to 4 inches thickYes2 cups30 to 40 minutesNatural
Venison, cubed, thin sliced steaks, chopsYes1/2 cup18 minutesNatural
Venison, thick sliced steaks or chopsYes1/2 cup20 minutesNatural
Venison, groundYes1/2 cup12 minutesNatural

Table by Miss Vickie Smith

* When using cuts of meat over 1 1/2 inches thick always use a meat thermometer to check the temperature for doneness. Find out more by looking at the temperature charts.

1 Liquid amounts given are based on the average used by today’s modern pressure cookers with a spring valve pressure release system. Use the recommended minimum given in your owners manual. The amounts can vary depending on the type of pressure cooker and the length of cooking time. When using a jiggle top model plan on doubling the amount of liquid used. check your owner’s manual for the manufacturers recommendation, generally the minimum amounts recommended for jiggle top models is 1 cup, and 1/2 cup for the valve type pressure cookers, which is sufficient for approximately 15 minutes of cooking time. to determine the amount of liquid used by your pressure cooker, do the Test Drive. Pressure cookers will lose more water in cooking time over 15 minutes, or if the heat is not lowered correctly once it come to pressure.

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