Why Does Pressure Canner Weight Won’t Jiggle?

pressure canner weight won't jiggle
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pressure canner weight won’t jiggle

The pressure canner is now becoming popular for preserving food. Pressure canning is mostly used to preserve less acidic foods. It includes vegetables with low acidities like celery, lettuce, and other items like soups and meat. The low acidic environment ensures the safety of the preserved food by killing off the microorganisms. The pressure canner is better than the traditional preserving techniques because it increases the temperature above 100-degrees Celsius and kills off bacteria. A pressure canner is easy and safe to use. However, you might have a common problem where your pressure canner weight won’t jiggle. 

How to use a pressure canner:

Before using the pressure canner, follow these instructions carefully. Firstly, you need to ensure that the vent pipe is clear. You can pass a pin through it to be sure. Make sure the gasket ring is sealed properly. Then, add water into the container, not more than what is printed on it. Then place canning rack on it. It will separate your canning bars and water. Then, place the jars on it. Presto canner has a regulator of 5psi, and two other bars of 5psi each. So, it can reach up to a pressure of 15 psi. Then, hold the cover body with your left hand and align the marked points and close it. 

Now, heat the canner without adding any weights or regulator onto the vent pipe. When the steam starts evaporating steadily, put the regulator on it. Set the time according to your recipe. The recipes and the time for canning are different for different types of preserving food. 

Another thing you should keep in mind is that the pressure changes due to change in altitude. You must be able to make adjustments with altitude when using the pressure canner. For example, you have 15 psi regulator and weights on the pressure canner.

Why Does Pressure Canner Weight Won’t Jiggle?

The pressure inside is less:

The weight will not jiggle if the pressure inside is less than the pressure from the combined effect of regulator and weights. If your regulator is not jiggling, it means the inside pressure has not reached the assigned pressure. If you have added a 15-psi pressure and your recipe asks for nine psi, your regulator will not jiggle. Check for the pressure and temperature of the meal from recipes every time. 

Poor calibration:

As the device is used regularly, the measuring device gets less calibrated. Ensure that your device is well calibrated. Due to faulty calibration, your regulator might not be jiggling. 

What is the solution to this problem?

Take your pressure canner to the repair shop and get it calibrated at least twice a year. You can use adjustable weights if you think your regulator is not well calibrated. Both of these methods can help you make your food to be cooked well. 

Pressure canning is very handy for you if you want to preserve food and want to avoid the hustle of cooking meals daily. Pressure canner ensures that your food remains toxin-free, and it also retains the health benefits of the food. You can take out the preserved food and avoid cooing every day. Indeed, it is one of the best appliances you can have in your kitchen.

pressure canner weight won't jiggle
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