Why Does Pressure Canner Weight Won’t Jiggle?

Pressure Canner Weight Won’t Jiggle
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Pressure Canner Weight Won’t Jiggle

The pressure canner has recently gained popularity as a means of preserving food. Generally speaking, foods that are lower in acidity are more suited to being canned under pressure.

Vegetables like celery and lettuce, which are low in acidity, are included, as well as other things like soup and meat. A lack of acidity in the storage medium prevents spoilage by killing off any microbes that could have made it into the food during storage.

Using a pressure canner is risk-free and straightforward. But if your pressure canner weight is stubborn and won’t jiggle, you may be experiencing a typical issue.

Why Does the Pressure Canner Weight Refuse to Jiggle?

Here are just some of the reasons why the pressure canner weight might not jiggle.

  1. The pressure inside is less

If the internal pressure is lower than the total pressure applied by the regulator and weights, the weight will remain stable.

Regulators are designed to jiggle when the internal pressure has reached their designated level; if yours isn’t doing so, the pressure inside is still below the set level.

However, your regulator will not jiggle if you add 15 psi of pressure when the recipe calls for only 9 psi. Always double-check the recipe’s recommended cooking pressure and temperature.

Pressure Cooker All American Model Regulator
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  1. Poor calibration

Over time, regular use degrades the accuracy of the measuring tool. Always double-check your device’s calibration. Perhaps your regulator isn’t jiggling because of a miscalibration. How can this issue be resolved?

At the very least twice a year, you should get your pressure canner calibrated by a professional. If you suspect that your regulator’s calibration is off, you can correct the problem by adjusting the weights.

Either of these approaches will allow you to cook your food to perfection. If you want to preserve food and don’t avoid dealing with the hassle of cooking every day, pressure canning will come in quite helpful for you.

Home canning with a pressure canner
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The Bottom Line

If you use a pressure canner, not only will your food be safe from harmful toxins, but the food’s nutritional value will be preserved as well.

You can avoid worrying about constantly having to coo and just take the preserved food out of the pantry. In fact, it’s one of the most useful kitchen gadgets available.

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