Ninja Foodi Oven “CALL CUSt SrVC” “ER1” – “ER7” Error Message: How To Fix?

ninja foodi oven "call cust srvc" "er1" - "er7" error message
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ninja foodi oven “call cust srvc” “er1” – “er7” error message

Ninja has become a famous kitchen equipment brand. This is primarily because they have various products to meet different needs of the kitchen, such as ovens, air fryers, pressure cookers, and grills. That being said, the ovens are top-notch, but still, some people are complaining about the Ninja Foodi oven “CALL CUSt SrVC” “ER1” – “ER7” error message. So, let’s see what it’s about!

Ninja Foodi Oven “CALL CUSt SrVC” “ER1” – “ER7” Error Message

As the error explains, the error code means that the users need to call customer service. There are various reasons behind this issue. In this section, we have outlined the probable reasons that this error is appearing on the Ninja Foodi oven!

1) Mechanical Issues

In the first place, the error will appear when there is a mechanical issue with the oven. The mechanical issues will incur due to malfunctioned components. Ninja designs the ovens with the highest standards of protection and safety. In addition, the mechanical issues will result in ineffective performance. So, the mechanical issues might be the one reason why this error message is appearing on the oven.

The mechanical issues involve fused wires or short electric components. It’s best that you contact Ninja to repair these mechanical issues because they have genuine spare parts.

2) Registration

In case you have just bought the Ninja Foodi oven and the “CALL CUSt SrVC” “ER1” – “ER7” error message has appeared, there are chances of registration issues. We are saying this whenever you buy a new product; the users need to register the product online. For online registration, you can open and add the product details for registration.

3) Customer Services

As soon as “CALL CUSt SrVC” “ER1” – “ER7” error message appears on the Ninja Foodi oven, you must switch off the oven. This is because switching off the oven will reduce the chances of ineffective performance. That being said, once you switch off the Ninja Foodi oven, call the customer services at 1-877-646-5288, and they will provide assistance.

In addition to this, when you call customer services, make sure that you have access to the Ninja Foodi oven. We are saying this because they might ask for your product details, such as the serial number, for better assistance.

4) Display Issues

If you think you don’t need to call Ninja customer support, there are chances that the display of the Ninja Foodi oven has malfunctioned. The display can malfunction due to electrical issues, such as damaged wiring or fused components. In case the Ninja Foodi oven is in warranty, you can call Ninja customer support for assistance.

On the other hand, if the oven is not in warranty, you can contact a third-party technician. However, make sure that the technician is skilled in handling the Ninja Foodi oven. There are chances that the technician will repair or replace the display.

The bottom line is that there are no troubleshooting methods for “CALL CUSt SrVC” “ER1” – “ER7” error message that users can conduct on their own. So, you should either call official Ninja customer support or a certified technician.

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