Ninja Foodi Grill Preheat Progress Bar Not Start: 5 Fixes

ninja foodi grill preheat progess bar not start
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ninja foodi grill preheat progess bar not start

The Ninja Foodi Grill has become a kitchen staple for everyone who invests in it. This is because it has these devices have high-end cooking performance and cook meals within minutes. However, Ninja Foodi gill preheat progress bar not start, or working issue has been hindering the cooking performance. So, let’s check out what can be done to solve this!

Ninja Foodi Grill Preheat Progress Bar Not Start

1) Warm

The Ninja Foodi grill’s progress bar might not start when the basket is already warm. This is because the preheat bar will only switch on when users need to preheat the basket. There are times when users start cooking another meal right after they finish one. That being said, you will need to let the Ninja Foodi grill cool down in case you want the progress bar to work.

2) Pressure

When it comes down to the preheat progress bar, it tends to work when the Ninja Foodi grill is building pressure. For this purpose, the users will need to make sure that the pressure is being built within the cooking pot. This is mainly because the preheat appears when the grill is getting warmed up but will show “cooking” once the preheating is complete. So, make sure that the cooking function is switched on.

3) Power Issues

If the Ninja Foodi grill isn’t receiving proper electric signals, there will be issues with functionality. Similarly, the issue can incur with the progress bar. For this purpose, you must check out the power cable. There might be internal continuity issues or physical damages to the cables. In either case, you must replace the power cable and make sure it’s designed by a reliable brand.

In addition to replacing the power cable, the users must check the power outlet. This is because the power outlet must have power issues from the backend. It’s best to try using Ninja Foodi grill in another power outlet. Once you do, the chances of power issues will be resolved.

4) Malfunctioning

In some cases, the progress bar might have gone bad or has malfunctioned. This is because the progress bar might have fused or short due to electrical issues. That being said, you will need to switch off the Ninja Foodi grill and call the technician. This is because the technician can disassemble the Ninja Foodi grill and check probable mechanical issues with the progress bar.

They are likely to use the multimeter to check the progress bar. If there are fusing issues, the progress bar will need to be placed. At this point, we want to tell you that if the progress bar needs replacement, send it to Ninja. This is because Ninja will use the genuine replacement progress bar. As a result, the progress will start working.

5) Customer Service

If the Ninja Foodi grill is still in warranty and the progress bar is not working, you must call the Ninja customer support. That’s because if the grill is in warranty, the repairing will be free of cost. In addition, the customer service can share the troubleshooting methods if there is no need for repair or replacement of the progress bar.

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