7 Common Midea Freezer Problems Troubleshooting

Midea Freezer Troubleshooting
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Midea Freezer Troubleshooting

Midea appliances are great when it comes to performance and durability. The freezer is one of their high-selling items because of its quality. Since it’s an electrical device, it’s not uncommon to experience some issues with the freezer.

However, these issues can be resolved easily without any professional help. Midea freezer troubleshooting is a great way to start learning about your freezer and to try find solutions to problems that might pop up during your usage.

This article will explain the few known problems of the Midea freezer and how they can be resolved.

Midea Freezer Troubleshooting

You may experience one or two of the problems we’ve mentioned below. Or you may experience all of them. To assist you, we’ve provided valuable information on how to fix common problems with your Midea freezer in this section.

  1. Midea Freezer Not Freezing

The biggest issue that has haunted the users of Midea freezers is related to the freezing capability of the appliance. There can be multiple reasons associated with this issue such as:

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The easiest way to determine a non-freezing issue is to open the door of the freezer and then activate the door switch by pressing it. Usually, the fan stops when the freezer opens and once it is closed, it will start running again.

However, if the motor doesn’t operate then it means that the motor has some kind of technical issue and needs urgent repair or replacement.

  • Faulty Start Relay

A relay is an important device in the Midea freezer and one of the possible reasons for the appliance not freezing is a faulty relay. The relay works with the winding to power the compressor. If the relay is faulty then the compressor will not start and thus results in no freezing.

You will need a multimeter to test it. Now check for continuity from the start and run the terminal. In case there is a burnt odor coming from the relay, it is better to replace it.

  1. The Freezer Is Not Operating

This is a serious issue as it may be due to multiple reasons. It can be as simple as a broken switch or as severe as a burnt IC. One major thing to look at when this issue occurs is to see if the switch is intact or not. Moreover, it should not give a burnt odor.

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The other factor is to check if there’s a low voltage. The freezer is set to work on a particular voltage level, so if the voltage is below that then it won’t work.

  1. The Motor Operates For a Longer Period

This issue is related to the high temperature that it may experience in summer. Putting too much food in the freezer or putting hot food inside the freezer, or opening the doors frequently may lead to the motor overworking.

It’s recommended to avoid these things and to avoid frequent power fluctuations of the motor.

  1. Frost Build Up

Another common problem people have with the Midea freezer is too much frost build up. This happens when moist air comes into contact with the inner sides of the freezer. The cause of frost build up is the frequency of opening and closing the freezer door.

To prevent frost build up on your Midea freezer, ensure that the door is closed properly and that the seals close completely. You can also feel around the freezer seals to ensure there is no air escaping from the unit.

You can test the freezer seals by placing a piece of paper between the door and seal. Then try to pull the piece of paper out. If the paper is easy to remove there’s a chance that your freezer door hinges need to be tightened or that your freezer isn’t level.

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  1. Stuck Freezer Door

A freezer door getting stuck is not as uncommon as you think. After opening and closing your freezer door the circulation fan is turned on inside which causes a rush of cold air.

This results in negative pressure inside the freezer which makes the door difficult to open at times. To avoid this, wait about 5 minutes and then try to open the freezer door again. Forcing the door open will cause damage to the freezer door handle and the unit’s gasket.

You can easily equalize the pressure of the gasket by slowly prying the seal of the door open to allow air in and release pressure. Another reason your freezer door gets stuck is because the seal is dirty.

Grime can cause the seals to stick together. To prevent this from happening, wipe the seals clean with a warm cloth.

  1. Strange Noises

Some freezers can be extremely noises and it can be annoying if sounds echo through your home. But there are various sounds freezers make. Some can be cause for concern while others are quite common.

However, if you’re experience excessive loud noises that weren’t a problem before then it could be an indicator that something is wrong such as:

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  • Airflow is blocked
  • Condenser coils are dirty
  • Your freezer is on an uneven surface
  • Evaporator fan isn’t working properly

To prevent the strange noises coming from your freezer, consider having the condenser coils cleaned every three months.

Additionally, you may need a professional to check your evaporator fan to see if it’s working correctly. Lastly, ensure nothing in your freezer is blocking airflow and make sure your freezer is on an even surface.

  1. Freezer is Leaking Water

If you’re experiencing water leakage from your freezer it could be that your defrost drain is clogged or frozen. Experts suggest filling a turkey baster with hot water and using it to clean out the drain tube.

Another common reason the Midea freezer leaks is because it’s not on a level surface. You may need to remove the kickplate located at the front of the freezer. However, there are some models that don’t have a kickplate.

You’ll then see the leveling legs. You can use a pair of pliers to adjust the leveling legs. Turning the leveling legs clockwise will raise the freezer while turning them anticlockwise will lower the unit.

Inspect Your Midea Freezer Before Using It

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One of the reasons a kitchen appliance breaks easily is because users don’t inspect the unit first. When you buy your Midea freezer, check the following:

  • The seals are working correctly
  • There are no cracks or dents inside the freezer
  • The pipes are attached correctly
  • There are no cracks on any pipes
  • The freezer door opens and closes correctly
  • Your freezer switches on when it’s plugged in

If you’ve checked every aspect of your freezer and don’t see anything wrong, then you may not experience any problems. But if you notice, cracks, dents or any faults, you should check your warranty to see how you can get your freezer repaired or replaced.

On the other hand, if you experience minor problems such as the ones we mentioned in this article, you can use our troubleshooting methods to fix the issues. If you’re not comfortable fixing the issues yourself you can always call a professional to assist you.

How to Prevent Midea Freezer Problems

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  • Servicing the Freezer

The Midea freezer troubleshooting includes the servicing aspect. The unit needs to be serviced by an authorized technician and only genuine spare parts must be used in the service parts.

Do keep in mind that you must not attempt to repair the unit on your own as it can cause injury and might result in ending your user warranty that comes with the machine.

  • Adhering to the User Manual

All electrical appliances come with a user manual to show you how to operate your device. The Midea freezer is no exception. You’ll receive a detailed manual on how to:

  • Adjust the freezer’s temperature
  • Defrost and clean the appliance
  • Changing the internal light
  • Move your unit
  • Fixing certain noises inside the freezer

You must adhere to the instructions inside your Midea freezer user manual so that you don’t break the appliance further.

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  • Don’t Overfill the Freezer

If you live in a hot climate it’s best not to overfill your freezer. This can cause the motor of the Midea freezer to overwork which can cause it to break quicker. Additionally, overfilling your freezer can block important air vents.

It can also restrict the flow of cold air and put too much pressure on the condenser. Another negative aspect of overfilling your Midea freezer is that it increases your utility bill because your freezer is working extra hard to keep items cold.

To avoid overfilling your freezer, check the capacity of the unit and adhere to the rules regarding how much food items to store.

Final Thoughts

Your Midea freezer can last many years if you take care of it and follow the instructions in your manual. If you experience any of the above mentioned problems with your freezer, use our guide to help you solve the problem.

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