Keta Salmon vs Sockeye Salmon: What’s The Difference?

keta salmon vs sockeye
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keta salmon vs sockeye

Did your dietician add salmon to your diet or are you a general seafood lover? Either way, you would understand the importance of eating fish. When talking about fish, Salmon is like an undisputed king.

The position it holds is because of its versatility, taste, and nutritional benefits. Fish should be part of your regular diet as it contains healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Salmon has many types and each one is unique. In this article, we will be looking at the comparison of keta salmon vs sockeye.

Keta Salmon vs Sockeye

Keta Salmon

Have you ever heard of chum or dog salmon? These two are exactly similar to keta salmon. The name dog salmon is the reason for the myths against them. Keta and sockeye both have a small size.

You will notice the flesh has a medium-based color. The flesh is smooth yet firm. What makes it unique is the low amount of fat in this type compared to the rest.

Keta has a mild flavor that does not tease non-fish lovers. It is essential to use fish in a regular diet, so if you are not a big fan of fish, try this type. The light flavor is due to less oil than sockeye fish. Thus, some people prefer keta over sockeye, thanks to its flavor profile.

The fish is versatile in usage. The best way to cook keta is by grilling and roasting. It is recommended that you cook it at a low temperature. That’s because of the low oil content in it. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to bake, poach, or broil it. You can use keta as a side dish with another meat. If you have guests coming over, shredded keta will go with pasta and salads too. You will find it in fresh, frozen, or canned forms.

We all know how important sunshine is for our bones. Keta salmon is a rare food that contains a good about of Vitamin D. Along with this, keta is omega 3 fatty-acid rich. Thus, these health benefits are a major plus when eating keta.


Sockeye salmon is different from the rest of the fish because of its vibrant red color. It is a flavorful salmon and may become your favorite even if you don’t like Salmon. The size is also smaller than other varieties.

It has many uses just like a regular salmon. Add it in burgers or use it as a major dish. They have less amount of fat in comparison to Salmon king.

The fish offers a dense and buttery texture which has a strong fishy flavor.

The dense and firm texture makes it an ideal choice for grilling. It is a popular practice to cook sockeye on a cedar plank. This reduces the chance of overcooking and sticking. Furthermore, you can bake or slow roast them in the oven. In case you like your fish crisp, fry sockeye.

The flavor and size of sockeye salmon differ from one fish to another. This depends on where it lived and at what point of development it was.

Owing to its small size, sockeye salmon is a fish of choice when you need a smaller fillet. Its strong taste with additional sauces makes the most delicious dishes.

You can not only get the fresh and frozen type of salmon but also sockeye is smoked and canned.

The most important thing in consideration while eating fish is its nutritional value. Sockeye has a slightly more amount of protein in comparison to keta salmon. It has high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids and is good for cardiac health.

This affordable Salmon should be on your list the next you go for doing grocery.

Final Thoughts

We all know about Salmon but how many know about its various types? Keta salmon and sockeye are just two types. They have unique features making people wonder how they are different from each other. The flavor profile is different as keta is lighter in flavor than sockeye.

Keta has a smoother texture, unlike sockeye that has a firmer texture. Minute difference of health benefits is also present. So, you should choose the one that falls under your favorite fish criteria. We hope your confusion about keta salmon vs sockeye is cleared now.

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