How To Cook Fish So It Doesn’t Taste Fishy? (6 Cooking Ideas!)

how to cook fish so it doesn't taste fishy
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how to cook fish so it doesn’t taste fishy

If you are a beginner at cooking and have just cooked fish at home, we are sure that you are struggling with a strong fishy smell that’s even making your food hard to eat. Honestly, the fishy smell can be so pungent, it can make people push away the plate. So, if you don’t want this to happen to your food, we are sharing how to cook fish, so it doesn’t taste fishy!

How To Cook Fish So It Doesn’t Taste Fishy?

When it comes down to fish, there is a whole science why it releases a pungent flavor and aroma. When in the ocean, fish relies on TMAO to defy the ocean water’s saltiness and to maintain the fluid balance. On the other hand, when the fish dies, the TMAO will convert to TMA, resulting in a fishy smell. So, in the section below, we are sharing how you can prevent the pungent fishy flavor!

1. Soak In Lemon

The first method to prevent the fishy flavor is soaking fish in lemon. This is because lemon juice has acid, which reacts with TMA to erase odors. In addition to lemon, you can also add other citric acids, such as vinegar, oranges, tomato sauce, and limes. The vinegar or lemon-based marinade will not only add flavor to the fish but also remove the pungent fish flavor. Ideally, you could put fish in the citrus bath. The citrus bath can be made with a mixture of lemon juice, orange juice, grapefruit, shallots, and a bit of maple syrup. It will enhance the overall flavor of your fish and remove the pungent aroma that lingers.

2. Opt For Crunch

Another way of removing the fishy flavor is by adding crust to the fish. While it takes away the bad smell, it also improves the texture. For this purpose, you can make a delicious coating with parmesan cheese, seasoning, toasted nuts, and bread crumbs. This coating is suitable for a variety of fishes, including white fish, salmon, and tuna. In fact, the added crunchy texture will make the fish more attractive to people who don’t like the usual texture of the fish.

3. Soak In Milk

When you add milk to fish, we are sure that it will not have an appetizing flavor, but it will surely remove the fishy smell. When you soak fish in the milk, casein will bind to the TMA of the fish and remove it. So, when you add milk to the fish, you will be able to get rid of TMA. The best thing about using milk is that it’s an efficient method since you only need to add it for twenty minutes. After twenty minutes of soaking in the milk, you can pat dry the fish and cook it as you like.

4. Turn Fish Into Bacon

It might not be the most convenient way of enjoying fish, but it’s surely a more creative and delicious way of serving the fish. For this purpose, you can make fish into bacon in the oven. Keep in mind that it will change the flavor of the fish, and it will become more of a comfort food. Moreover, fish cooked like this can be served with salads, casseroles, and egg dishes.

5. Add More Spices

Fish has the capacity of absorbing spices. As a result, you will be able to mask the aroma of the fish. For this purpose, you can use a variety of rubs to enhance the flavor while eliminating the bad fishy smell. For instance, you can use Cajun rub and add pineapple salsa before it’s served. The Cajun rub is easy to make as you only have to mix black pepper, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, and oregano. Not to forget, there are pre-made Cajun rubs available in the market. On the other hand, if you are using dried spices and herbs, you can rub them into the fish or simply add them while cooking the fish. As far as the fresh herbs are concerned, you should add them when the fish is ready to serve.

6. Garnish With Citrus Flavors

When you have cooked fish and it’s ready to be served, you can always squeeze some citrus juice on the top. For instance, you can use lime juice or lemon juice. In addition, if you are grilling fish, you can add some citrus juice from the top to add a diverse flavor.

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