Ever Wonder Is Instant Pot A Pressure Cooker?

Ever Wonder Is Instant Pot A Pressure Cooker?
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Ever Wonder Is Instant Pot A Pressure Cooker?

Is The Instant Pot A Pressure Cooker?

Learning how to use a pressure cooker is a very good idea nowadays as it provides you with lots of value and quality for the money. It all comes down to understanding the pressure-cooking process and learning how to use it in a very efficient and professional manner. Pressure cookers are very helpful, versatile and they can help you cook some great foods. But this brings in the question, is Instant Pot a pressure cooker and if it is, should you buy it or not? Let’s find out.

Understanding the functionalities 

The infamous pot is pretty much a pressure cooker, but it has lots of other smart functions. It’s basically an electric pressure cooker with multicooker capabilities. The regular pressure cooker is great at canning since it can reach 15 PSI and that’s the best pressure for canning. However, Instant Pot has added safety features and multifunctions that really make it a delight for cooking.

Due to its more advanced capabilities, the Instant Pot requires just the click of a button, but the regular pressure cooker will require a checkup from time to time. Aside from doing pressure cooking, the Instant Pot will also work as a yogurt maker, slow cooker, it’s even good for cooking rice. Being able to set it and forget it is a huge advantage. Since a regular pressure cooker has fewer safety features, you need to watch out and check it out from time to time. That can be dangerous if you forget about it. With the Instant Pot, you just have to adjust this wisely and you will be good to go.

Difference in materials

The regular pressure cookers can have Teflon or non-stick surfaces. Those are great, but they can flake. An Instant Pot doesn’t have anything like that, because the flakes can be unhealthy. The ability to go with an electric pressure cooker really makes all the difference and it shows the true potential and value of pressure cooking in the first place.

Also, being able to remove stuff like human error out of the equation makes it easy for you to experiment with new foods. An Instant Pot offers a lot more versatility and value when it comes to pressure cooking. That certainly makes quite the difference and you will be quite impressed with the process and the experience itself.

While the Instant Pot is technically a pressure cooker, having all these different capabilities can provide some amazing results and the quality itself can be nothing short of extraordinary. We recommend you to use the Instant Pot instead of a regular cooker just because it has so many added functions. The additional features and capabilities are great, and having a lot more control and plenty of value is what a unit like this is all about. While you will be limited to the use of electricity and not rely on gas, the reality is that the Instant Pot is a much more powerful, feature-filled and versatile pressure cooker that you can rely on!

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