7 Ways To Fix Instant Pot Not Counting Down

Instant Pot Not Counting Down
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Instant Pot Not Counting Down

Instant Pot is undoubtedly an amazing addition to your kitchen appliances. As soon as you start cooking with an Instant Pot, it will become your most favorite kitchen equipment.

Instant Pot—the kitchen tool of today, has several useful features that make your cooking experience much more efficient and quick.

However, it gets frustrating when you are not able to use one of the features anymore. An error can keep you from trying out a feature or cooking something properly. So, before you start preparing for a dish, you will have to fix the error to get your Instant Pot to work again.

Instant Pot comes with remarkable features including the Timer/Count Down feature. Cooking in an Instant Pot without a timer is impossible.

That’s why if your Instant Pot’s countdown stops working, you won’t be able to cook in it. In order to get this issue resolved, you will have to find out the cause and then take necessary steps to make sure something like it doesn’t happen again.

What Happens if Your Instant Pot’s Countdown Doesn’t Work?

Countdown timer helps people know the time it will take their Instant Pot to cook a dish. It also lets them know when a dish is ready. However, if the countdown timer stops working, it can make cooking in an Instant Pot impossible.

Cooking in an instant pot
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For instance, if the countdown timer isn’t working, you wouldn’t know when your dish will be ready. You might also end up turning off the Instant Pot when the dish isn’t ready. Or you might end up turning off your Instant Pot too late.

All your excitement of cooking in an Instant Pot will disappear into thin air if you end up with overcooked or undercooked food. It goes to show how important a simple countdown feature is. Without the feature, it is impossible to cook anything to perfection in an Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Not Counting Down: 7 Ways To Fix

If your Instant Pot’s counting down feature is not working, you wouldn’t know what to do instead of being stressed. Fortunately, however, there are certain ways to fix this issue at home. Once you try these fixes, you would be able to start cooking in your Instant Pot again.

Here are the fixes you can try if your Instant Pot’s countdown isn’t working anymore:

1. Power Outage

Fix electricity
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Sometimes bad power or inconsistent power supply makes the connection of your Instant Pot weaker with the main switch which makes it impossible for the counting down to work. Make sure you check the power outage.

If there is a problem with the wiring of your house, then it is important to get in touch with the power supply company instead of trying to fix the issue on your own. It is also important to get the wiring fixed as soon as possible if you want to avoid electricity related accidents.

2. Improper Power Plugging

Loose or improper connection can keep various features of the Instant Pot from working. Why make such a basic mistake when you can simply tighten up the loose connections? Make sure to check if the plugging is made firm and tight.

Firmly plug
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When it comes to electrical appliances, plugging problems are quite common. If the cable is short or the power outlet is located at a distance, the plug can come loose.

A loose plug can also cause sparking and damage your appliances. So, instead of waiting for the countdown issue to occur, check the plug beforehand.

3. Check If The Fuse Is Blown Off

The power supply can never reach your Instant Pot and your timer or count down feature won’t work if you have your fuse blown. The blown off fuse won’t let your countdown run.

It could also keep your Instant Pot from working at all. Get in touch with your electrician and get your blown off fuse replaced with a new one.

A blown off fuse can cause a lot of problems around the house. Since every modern appliance works on electricity, the importance of a fuse cannot be ignored.

Fuse check
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By getting your fuse replaced you will not only get your Instant Pot’s countdown timer to work again, but also keep your appliances safe from getting damaged.

4. Incompetent Flow Of Power

Instant Pot is an electrical device—an electric cooker! It is enough to understand why compatible power flow is required for this multi-cooker to work with maximum efficiency.

Your Instant Pot and its built-in features, including the countdown feature, won’t work if you don’t have stable current flowing in your circuits.

If the power flow required is not being sent to the Instant Pot, there is no other option for you then to call your technician. The issue could be with the outlet you have plugged your Instant Pot in or with your house’s wiring.

Check power outlet
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Whatever the issue is, an electrician can figure it out for you. They will also know what kind of solution would be best in a certain situation.

5. No Or Bad Connection

You don’t have to be surprised knowing that your Instant Pot wouldn’t dare to work if the connection between your switch and your multi-cooker wire is bad. You can try plugging in your Instant Pot in another outlet to figure out the issue.

If the Instant Pot starts working when plugged into another outlet, then the problem could be with the outlet.

A faulty outlet can be fixed by an electrician, so, as soon as you discover the issue, get in touch with a professional. They will make sure that your outlet does not keep appliances from working properly.

Repair the outlet
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6. Excessive Water Quantities

Larger quantities of water may be the reason your timer is taking too much time to work. Reassure that your added quantity isn’t messing with your countdown feature.

If it is your first time cooking with an Instant Pot or if you are still not used to the working of the appliance, you may end up adding more water than is necessary for a recipe.

Add too much water
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If you have added too much water, it will take your Instant Pot longer to complete the cooking process. That’s why the countdown of your Instant Pot may not work.

7. Reset Your Instant Pot

Once you set a particular time on your Instant Pot to cook a meal, it stays set upon it until you don’t reset it again. Make sure that you reset it every time you are cooking a new recipe.

This is another reason why people who are not used to cooking in Instant Pots may run into the countdown error. Since each recipe requires a different cooking time, you should reset the timer every time. If you don’t reset the timer, your Instant Pot may not be able to cook a dish properly.

It is important to go through the instructions manual of your Instant Pot to learn about all of its features. Once you have figured out how the Instant Pot works, you will be less likely to make mistakes like not resetting the timer or adding too much water.

Avoiding these mistakes will also make it possible for you to keep your appliance working smoothly. It also won’t run into errors every day if you learn how to operate it.

If your countdown timer stops working, it is better to try and figure out the cause first instead of panicking. If the cause is something simple like the plug coming loose, you can fix the issue in no time.

But if your Instant Pot’s countdown timer isn’t working because of an issue with the voltage, it is better to get help from a professional instead of trying to find a solution yourself.

The fixes mentioned above can make it easier for you to operate your Instant Pot. With these solutions, you can easily get back to cooking in Instant Pot with your countdown feature on.

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