How to Turn Off Beep On Gourmia Air Fryer? (Explained)

how to turn off beep on gourmia air fryer
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how to turn off beep on gourmia air fryer

What Is An Air Fryer?

Air fryer recipes are quite common nowadays, but it is important to know what an air fryer is. It is a countertop convection oven. It does not deep fry nor bakes your food, but it mimics the results of deep-frying while using just hot air and little or no oil at all. 

How to Turn Off Beep On Gourmia Air Fryer?

Turning Off The Beep On The Gourmia Air Fryer:

To stop the Gourmia air fryer from beeping press and hold the STOP/CANCEL button. You can also turn on the Gourmia air fryer by again pressing and holding the STOP/CANCEL button the second time. When your cooking time has expired or for guided cooking, the beeps will be loud with few interrupts if muted.

Why Do Air Fryers Beep?

Your air fryer beeps just like a microwave oven by dwindling the timer to zero to tell you that your food is cooked. The beep aims to remind you that your food is cooked and that it is ready to be served. It will not burn your food by further heating it but will simply turn off automatically.

Working Mechanism of Air Fryers:

The top section of an air fryer has a fan and a heating mechanism. Food is placed in a basket-type fryer. When the fryer is turned on the hot air comes down and circulates the food. This cooks the food and makes it crispy just like fried materials without using oil. Thus, making it healthy to consume and economically feasible as oil cost is cut down.

Steps to use air fryers:

  1. Place your food in the fryer-type basket. The size of the basket may vary, and you can spray some oil on your food to make it extra crispy. 
  2. Fit in the fryer-type basket.
  3. Set the time and temperature. Temperatures normally range from 350° to 400°F for 5 to 25 minutes. It all depends on the food that you are cooking.
  4. Wait for the food to cook. In some cases, you may need to flip or turn the food halfway through the cooking time thus to make crisps evenly.
  5. Once the food is cooked you will hear the beep and how to turn off the beep on the Gourmia air fryer is discussed in this article.

Pros and Cons of Air Fryers:

Pros: It is a healthier way to cook frozen food compared to deep-frying and an easy way too. Furthermore, the results are far better than oven-frying and it also keeps your kitchen stays cool.

Cons: Air fryers are usually not very big and thus, the capacity is limited. Therefore, you have to cook in batches. It uses electricity so countries facing energy crises may have difficulty due to power outages. Moreover, it is bigger so may occupy valuable space on your counter. Finally, depending on the model, it is also pricy, but it is a one-time investment. 

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