6 Steps To Fix Gourmia Air Fryer Not Turning On

gourmia air fryer not turning on
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gourmia air fryer not turning on

Air fryers are very useful because they save a lot of time when you are working in the kitchen. You can bake, roast, and perform many tasks on an air fryer. The Gourmia air fryers are quite popular in the consumer market and you can buy them easily from anywhere. Moreover, these air fryers are long-lasting as claimed by their manufacturers.

However, many of its users reported that the Gourmia air fryer does not turn on with the passage of time. For this reason, a detailed guideline with all the possible ways to troubleshoot the Gourmia air fryer not turning on the problem is given below.

Troubleshooting the Gourmia Air Fryer Not Turning On Problem

1. Power Socket

The first thing you should check if your Gourmia air fryer is not turning on is the socket or power supply, which is supplying the electricity to the air fryer to operate. It is because, if the power socket is not working then the fryer will not turn on. Thus, use a different socket and if the air fryer turns on then the problem was with the socket you were using before to power the air fryer. If this is the case, replace the socket with the new one and the problem will be fixed.

2. Cable

Aside from the power socket if the cable of the Gourmia air fryer is at fault or there are any cuts in the cable then this problem will pop up. Therefore, to troubleshoot this problem inspect the cable by using a multimeter and observe the current flow through it. By doing this, you will observe the current flow on the meter and if there is no current flow then the defect is in the cable. Thus, replace the cable and the problem will be fixed.

3. Basket Placement

You can also run into this trouble if the basket of the fryer is not adjusted properly. If this is the case then place the basket in the correct position. By doing this, the air fryer will start operating again.

4. Reset

On the other hand, if your Gourmia air fryer is not turning on then all you have to do is to reset the fryer. You can do this by unplugging the fryer for approximately ten seconds. After you are done waiting for ten seconds, plug in the fryer again to reset it. By doing this, the fryer should turn on.

5. Cable Fuse

The Gourmia air fryer’s wire is manufactured with high-quality products. The wire also consists of a fuse, which is located inside the plug. As we know, you can run into this trouble if the fuse is blown even if there is no defect in the wire. Thus, inspect the fuse, and if the fuse is blown then replace it as soon as possible to fix this problem.

6. Contact Technical Support

The air fryer will not turn on if there is any internal damage or defect in it. Therefore, if you were not able to fix this problem even after attempting all of the steps given above then there is internal damage in the fryer. If this is the case, then contact technical support and claim the warranty of your fryer. By doing this, the company will either fix or replace the fryer for you.

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