A Guide For How To Stop Self-Cleaning On Frigidaire Oven

how to stop self cleaning oven frigidaire
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how to stop self cleaning oven frigidaire

Ovens are convenient and cook food to perfection but cleaning the oven is no less than a challenge. For this reason, many advanced ovens are integrated with the self-cleaning feature, including the Frigidaire ovens. However, this feature is quite notorious, and experts don’t really recommend it. So, if you have similar concerns or don’t know how to stop the self cleaning feature, just read this article!

How To Stop Self-Cleaning Feature On Frigidaire Oven?

The self-cleaning ovens are designed with locks to prevent the door doesn’t open up accidentally during the cleaning cycle. However, the oven door tends to get locks, and the unlocking methods largely depend on the locking position of the oven door (if the door was locked in the open position or close position).

This is because if the door was locked open, you can simply press the light switch, program the self-cleaning cycle, and wait for a few seconds. Then, just cancel the cycle, wait for a few seconds, and you will be able to close the door. On the other hand, if the door was locked closed, you can simply unplug the Frigidaire oven and open the door. So, that’s how you stop the self-cleaning feature on the Frigidaire oven, depending on the locking position.

Understanding The Self-Cleaning Oven

The self-cleaning ovens are basically designed with a self-cleaning feature with which the cooking splatters and spills are burnt by using extremely high temperatures to clean them off. The self-cleaning feature takes a few hours to complete, and it tends to lock the door automatically until the oven is properly cooled down. In addition, they are designed with more housing insulation to manage higher temperature, promising efficient cooking.

Why Must You Cancel/Stop The Self-Cleaning Feature?

At the beginning of the post, we have already shared that experts really don’t recommend the self-cleaning feature, and there is a reason behind it. To begin with, the self-cleaning feature can create unhealthy and dangerous oven fumes and toxic gases which are released into the air and have an intense odor. So, these fumes can circulate around the home and create a bad smell.

The second reason why you should avoid this feature is the fire hazard. This is because, with self-cleaning, the temperature of the unit increases too much, which transforms the residue food particles into ashes while the grease can catch fire, given the extremely high temperature. Not to forget, it can result in a blown fuse.

The third reason to avoid the self-cleaning feature is the emission of poisonous carbon monoxide that’s created by the operation of the self-cleaning feature. The carbon monoxide will circulate around the home, which impacts the air quality. For this purpose, we suggest that you keep the ventilation optimized if you are using the self-cleaning feature.

The Bottom Line

The self-cleaning ovens have become a matter of debate because some people are extremely against them. Sure, it delivers convenience, but you need to be extremely particular about maintaining a safe distance when the self-cleaning cycle is on. So, be safe!

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