Why Is My Frigidaire Oven Smoking On First Use?

frigidaire oven smoking first use
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frigidaire oven smoking first use

Frigidaire ovens are designed with top-notch features and reliable functionality. For this reason, many people purchase it, but they wonder about Frigidaire oven smoking at first use. So, if you are using your Frigidaire oven for the first time and it’s giving off smoke, we are sharing the information with you!

Fixing Frigidaire Oven Smoking On First Use:

Is It Common?

In case you have purchased the convection oven from Frigidaire, smoking for the first time use is pretty common, even if you are using it under normal operations and have set it up properly. However, it doesn’t mean that you can go ahead with incorrect preparation because incorrect usage can lead to fire hazards. Even more, we do want to add that oven shouldn’t smoke after the first time of use unless it has improper maintenance. Anyways, the first-time use will have smoke coming out of the Frigidaire oven.

Why Does The Oven Release Smoke With The First Time Use?

When it comes down to the convection ovens, they are delivered by Frigidaire with chemical components and oils used during the manufacturing procedures (the chemicals and oils are applied to the exterior as well as interior side). So, when the oven is used for the first time, the oven will create smoke and release the burning smell. This is because the oven burns those excessive oils and chemicals from the heating element. When the first time use is over, the oven won’t create smoke anymore, irrespective of which operations you are using.

What To Do Before The First-Time Use?

Before you use the Frigidaire oven for the first time, make sure that you remove the packaging material from the exterior side and interior side. In addition to removing the packaging material, you can also wash the removable interior parts with water but make sure you dry them up properly. Then, you can add them again and set the oven to the highest temperature (make sure the temperature is a minimum of 475-degrees Fahrenheit). Make sure that you heat the oven for up to five minutes (yes, keep the oven empty). Within a few minutes, the oven will stop smoking once the manufacturing chemicals and oils are burned off.

Other Reasons Behind Smoke

We have already mentioned that excess chemicals and/or oils in the oven are the most common reason behind the smoke. However, there is another reason behind the smoke, which is the packaging material. For instance, if the packaging material is not properly removed from the Frigidaire oven, it will result in smoke and can even cause a fire accident.

On the other hand, if you aren’t using the oven for the first time and you are seeing smoke, it could be because of oil buildup. This is because if you use the oven regularly, make sure that it is properly cleaned or else it will burn off whenever the oven is switched on. For this reason, you must clean the oven’s interior every time you use it (you can wash the removable parts and use a damp cloth for the internal parts of the oven).

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