3 Quick Ways To Reheat Pad Thai

how to reheat pad thai
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how to reheat pad thai

Thailand cuisine is one of the most satisfying and delicious cuisines. It is a blend of all five flavors resulting in a dish that can satisfy anyone’s needs. Thai dishes are on the spicy side because of the spices they use. These dishes are very healthy as Thai prefer a combination of all food. Meat, rice, and vegetables along with appropriate spices, give the flavorful taste Thai dishes are famous for.

One such dish is pad thai that contains rice noodles, that are gluten-free. You will find pad thai in every street and restaurant in Thailand. The dish is healthy as it has meat, vegetables, tofu, and eggs. Thai pad is stir-fried in a sauce made from shrimp and spices. So, what if you kept some in the refrigerator and want to use it the next day? There is a right way to reheat pad thai.

How to Reheat Pad Thai?

So, you made a lot of pad thai, or you decided to eat half part the next day. You microwave it and get a dry and sticky pad thai. But why? Why does reheating pad thai causes it to become dry and sticky? Rice noodles contain a high amount of starch. This tends to make them stickier. When you heat it, the moisture evaporates, leaving the pad thai dry.

How can you avoid it?

Follow these steps to get the perfect pad thai even after reheating.

1. Reheat on the stove:

This method will never get old as heating on the stove has many potential benefits. Reheat for 2-3 minutes and sprinkle some water. Make sure not to put a lot of water; else the pad thai will become watery. The result will be a fresh pad thai like you ate before.

2. Microwave:

In case you want to use a microwave, sprinkle some water and cover the pad thai while heating. This will prevent dryness. The tip here again is to put an appropriate amount of water, not too much, not too little.

Another method can be to put an ice cube in the pad thai and cover the dish with a plastic cover. Punch a hole in the cover to let the steam get out. Reheat for nearly two minutes.

Use a paper towel. It should be wet and cover the dish with it. The main trick is to add moisture and use it to reheat the pad thai.

3. Reheat in the oven:

If you do not like microwaves, baking can do the work as well. It is a non-traditional way for reheating and takes longer than the other two methods. There is no set time for reheating in baking, but you can use a temperature of 225 degrees for nearly 20 minutes. Readjust, if you must. 

Bottom note:

Reheating pad thai is easy, but you should understand the mechanics behind it. Use water while microwaving or reheating on the stove. Baking is another option that would help you solve this problem. So, use the method best suitable for you.

how to reheat pad thai
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