How To Raise Stove Height? (Answered)

how to raise stove height
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how to raise stove height

A well-put-together kitchen is essential to increase your home value. That being said, if you are optimizing or remodeling the kitchen with new appliances and countertops, you must be wondering how to raise stove height. With this article, we will help you raise the stove height!

How to Raise Stove Height?

Raising The Stove Height – The Process

When it comes down to the stoves, they are designed with the ability to adjust the height lower or higher to make sure they are at height to the users (the right level is extremely important to have a seamless and secure cooking experience). Properly adjusting the stove height will ensure that the stove is working optimally. For instance, if the cooktop is not properly adjusted, the food will keep rolling in the pots, resulting in uneven cooking and might even damage the pots and pans.

Adjusting The Stove’s Height

In the majority of cases, the stoves are designed with four adjustable feet to help you adjust the height equally from all four corners of the base. In addition, the foot style is designed with a threaded rod that’s attached to the rubber foot to deliver stability. At the bottom or near the foot, there will be a hex nut that can be tightened or loosened up with the help of a wrench. There are chances of an additional hex nut where stove base and rod meet each other for locking the base in place – it prevents the need for continuous adjustment because it “moved.”

Secondly, when you are trying to level the stove, the threaded foot connects to the base, which means you can turn the hex nut in a clockwise direction to make sure the stove is raised, while anticlockwise turning results in lowering of the stove. Even more, some stoves are integrated with an auxiliary and storage drawer at the stove’s bottom, which must be removed to expose the four feet. As a user trying to raise the stove height, you need to make sure the cooktop surface is evening up with the countertop.

Using The Right Tools & Techniques

 In addition, make sure that you use the spirit level (bubble level) for adjusting the stove. When it comes down to the spirit level, it’s better to choose the 24-inches level as it has accurate readings. Not to forget, having access to the tape measure and adjustable wrench will help optimize feet adjustment. Even more, it’s better to place the bubble level diagonally to ensure accurate and true reading.

All in all, when the stove is placed lower than your countertop, it can be extremely challenging. The countertop that’s placed higher than the stove will create a small wall on the side of the cooktop, which results in lateral heat radiation. Even more, when the countertop is exposed to such heat for a longer time, it will damage the specific part of the countertop, and you don’t want that (aren’t these countertops expensive?).

Even more, it will make it difficult to clean the area since this small wall area become the collection spot for grease, oil, and food particles. So, are you clear on how you can raise the stove’s height?

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