Wok Cooking On Electric Stove: Is It Possible?

wok cooking on electric stove
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wok cooking on electric stove

Woks are pretty common in Asian cuisines, but with the advancement in the cooking world, new woks have been launched. Truth be told, the traditional woks were not designed to be used with electric stoves, but does that make everything incompatible? So, if you are wondering about wok cooking on electric stove, we are sharing more details in the article below!

Wok Cooking On Electric Stove?

When it comes down to the traditional woks, they are designed with a deep and round bottom, which means they cannot stay on the electric stove. This is because the electric stoves are designed with a flat surface, and it doesn’t transmit heat to the round bottom. That being said, the traditional woks cannot be used on electric stoves. However, the western woks are designed with a rather flat bottom which makes them suitable to be used with the electric stove. The western wok with a flat bottom delivers higher heat conduction, promising a better cooking experience.

When you end up using the flat-bottom wok with the electric stove, you need to ensure that the wok is properly cleaned to make sure the stovetop doesn’t get any stains. In addition to this, make sure that you don’t move the wok too much as it can result in scratches to the electric stoves. The best thing about using a flat-bottom wok is that it works pretty fine with the electric coil heating elements as they deliver quick heat transfer and higher stability. Sure, you could use the wok rings, but they have the capacity of shaking when put on the electric coils.

On top of everything, when you have decided to use a flat-bottom wok on the electric stove, you need to take accurate dimensions of the electric stove and make sure the wok is sized accordingly.

Selecting The Right Wok For Using With Electric Stove

We have already mentioned that you can use the flat-bottom wok with the electric stove as compared to round-bottom woks. This is primarily because the flat-bottom woks are designed to come in direct contact with the heating element of an electric stove, resulting in higher heat conduction and quicker cooking. In case you are concerned about the material, you can opt for carbon steel woks since they add a smoky flavor to the stir-fry dishes.

On the other hand, some chefs also suggest using stainless steel woks and cast iron woks to be used with electric stoves as they have better heat conduction. Even more, these materials are extremely durable and won’t warp even with the highest temperatures. On top of everything, these latter materials are lightweight, making them easier to maneuver through as compared to traditional cast iron material.

On the other hand, when we look at the heating elements of the stove, they are likely to take a longer time for cooking, which is why it’s important to move the wok away from heat to ensure the food isn’t overcooked. All in all, be comfortable while using wok with an electric stove and keep a sturdy hand on the handle!

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