5 Methods To Get Rid Of Oil Taste In Food

how to get rid of oil taste in food
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how to get rid of oil taste in food

Frying food and cooking food in oil is a common occurrence. In the majority of cases, people don’t struggle with bad tastes, but there are cases when the food starts tasting and smelling too oily. So, if you are struggling with the same issue, we are sharing some easy tricks with you!

How To Get Rid Of Oil Taste In Food?

1. Add Other Flavors

When it comes down to fixing the taste in food, nothing works better than masking the taste and flavors. However, what you can add to the food will depend on what you are cooking. For instance, you can add lemon juice and/or vinegar to kill the oily taste. In addition to removing the oily flavor, it also helps balance out the oil’s texture.

2. Use Less Oil

In the majority of cases, the food will have a penetrating taste of oil because you used too much oil. To begin with, you need to start cooking food with less oil. On the other hand, if you have already made food and the oil taste is bothering you, it’s best that you filter out the excessive oil. Also, if you are frying food, you can use the mesh strainer to drain out as much oil as possible. In particular, you can also experiment with sautéing veggies with less oil.

3. Use Alternate Fats

If you don’t want to struggle with oily flavor at all, it’s best that you stop using oil because it not only helps remove the bad oil flavor but it will be healthier as well. For instance, you can add some homemade mayonnaise to the food if the recipe allows. In addition, you can also opt for avocado since it’s healthier and has minimal fats (it’s enough to cook food).

4. Use Alcohol

Before we move on to the details, this method is subjected to what you are cooking. This is because not everyone’s recipe goes well with alcohol. That being said, if you are baking something or grilling meats, adding some alcohol on the top will help alleviate the oily taste in your food. However, make sure that you are careful while adding alcohol since it catches fire.

5. Paper Towels

Once you have already cooked food and it has an oily flavor, the best way of getting rid of this flavor is absorbing the excessive oil. The solution is simple as you only have to dish out the recipe on a plate and use a paper towel to absorb excess oil (it’s a promising option for fried food). On the other hand, if you have cooked some soups or sauces, you can simply scoop away the excess oil.

Which Oil Are You Using?

Which type of oil you are using will also impact the flavor of the oil. For instance, when you use olive oil, it is highly likely to create the oil taste in the food. That being said, you can opt for canola oil or grapeseed oil as they don’t have overpowering flavors. To summarize, make sure that you keep a light hand on the oil and use it less rather than worrying about the oil taste afterwards! 

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