How To Dehydrate Sweet Cream? (Explained)

how to dehydrate sweet cream
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how to dehydrate sweet cream

Dehydrating a cream is not a child’s play. If you are not an expert, then there are high chances that you will ruin your sweet cream while dehydrating. Dehydrating a cream is a process where you get rid of all of your cream’s water and moisture, and what you are left with are small crispy chips shaped leftover.

Today for the ease of our readers, we are going to tell how to dehydrate sweet cream with ease. If you want to learn how to dehydrate sweet cream, then the only thing you are supposed to do is read the article to the end.

How To Dehydrate Sweet Cream?

The process of dehydrating helps you to store a product for a long time period and use it when you need the most. Along with it, people will buy on sale products at a cheap rate and dehydrate them for having healthy food without spending much of your money.

The Process

Coming to the actual process of dehydrating sweet cream. First and foremost, you will need to have a dehydrator for dehydrating your sweet cream. If you are going to dehydrate some dairy products like the sweet cream, you will need a fruit roll-up tray. This type of tray will help you avoid spilling of your cream, resulting in wastage of cream and ruining of the dehydrator. So, it’s quite essential to have a roll-up fruit tray because you will not dehydrate your sweet cream appropriately without having one.

Now the first thing that you need to do is put the sweet cream in the form of a thin layer on the fruit roll-up tray and place it over the actual dehydrator tray. Make sure that you’re not putting so much cream on the tray. You need to do it in a small quantity if you want perfection.

After doing the first step correctly, put the dehydrator between 130o to 135o. After it, leave the tray on the dehydrator for 8 to 10 hours. To avoid the cream’s browning, you may reduce the temperature of you and reduce the time.

Usually, people prefer this task at night to not have to wait for ten long hours. After the time is over, put off the dehydrator’s sweet cream tray and let it cool. Now the turn the fruit roll-up tray upside down and twist the tray to allow the cream to fall apart. You can also put the tray into the freezer if it is getting hard to remove the tray’s cream.

Once the cream is dehydrated perfectly, store it in an airtight jar. You are allowed to keep it for some years. You can either put in a simple form or convert the cream into powder form.


In the article, we have provided you with a detailed step-by-step method to dehydrate your sweet cream correctly. The article has covered everything about dehydrating sweet cream. If you’ve any questions about the topic, let us know in the comments.

how to dehydrate sweet cream
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