Mortar And Pestle vs Food Processor: What’s The Difference?

mortar and pestle vs food processor
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mortar and pestle vs food processor

When you’re in the kitchen, having the best equipment is always the most important thing. The food you make directly depends on the ingredients as well as the tools you use to make it. Using all the wrong things will give you all the wrong results, whereas using the best possible things for what you’re making will provide the best possible results.

That’s exactly why figuring out what appliance you want to use is a very important step when it comes to cooking. We’re here to help with that today.

Mortar and pestles vs food processors is a debate that has been around ever since food processors first came out. Both appliances certainly have their perks. Lots of people prefer one over the other.

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Many argue mortar and pestles are better being around ever since the stone age making them highly reliable, while many believe food processors are the better option due to the modern twists they offer. Here’s our detailed look into the matter which can help users decide which is the better one for them specifically, so continue reading to find out more.

Mortar and Pestle Vs Food Processor

Ease of Use

First up is an aspect which is pretty easy to determine the winner of. Mortal and pestles have been around for thousands of years, being used to grind things up to paste in different ways. They are definitely highly reliable, but they certainly aren’t the most convenient.

The mortar and pestle is literally just a sturdy set of tools which you mash foods with using your own hands. They are noisy and can be tiring to use over and over again every single day, which is exactly why food processors are the much better option in this regard.

Food processors are modern technology, and everyone already knows modern technology is nothing but tools from the past implemented in modern ways for ideal convenience. They let you grind food into paste and they do so in the easiest way of all.

You just need to press a few buttons and the food processor takes care of the rest for you. What’s better is the added fact that most food processors have different features for different tasks, allowing you to grind food exactly the way you wish to do so.


One important thing to consider is the taste of the thing which is being grinded. Some people might not know this, but the food being grinded up can actually taste different depending on which of the two tools you’re using.

There’s a pretty good explanation for why this is the case as well. For all those wondering, food processors are surprisingly not as effective as grinding down the food to every last cell. While at the end of the process, they do provide a good rich flavour, it’s easily outshined by the flavour of ingredients put through mortars and pestles.

That’s because these grind them down to every last cell if you do it properly, making them highly effective at truly bringing out the flavour of whatever is being grinded. Sure it might take some time working with them because everything is manual. But, learning how to do so is easy enough and definitely worth it if you’re looking to get the best possible flavour out of the things you’re grinding.


Up last is another very important aspect which also changes depending on the tools being used. This refers to nothing other than the texture of the ingredients which are being put through the appliance in question.

Their texture changes according to this for many reasons. A food processor shreds and grinds all the ingredients down carefully with blades, providing them with a smooth texture which tends to go well in most foods.

Mortar and pestles provide a smooth texture too, but they grind down the ingredients so much that the texture becomes mushier than it is smooth. This can actually be preferable in some cases, meaning that there’s no clear winner in this specific regard since it all comes down to which of the two you need more at the time.

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