How To Deglaze Instant Pot. How Hard Can It Be?

How To Deglaze Instant Pot. How Hard Can It Be?
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How To Deglaze Instant Pot. How Hard Can It Be?

How To Deglaze An Instant Pot

These days lots of people are cooking with an Instant Pot because of the speed and convenience it takes to cook up delicious meals. Most main courses you prepare in an Instant Pot will contain some sort of meat, and when you cook meats, sometimes there is a need to deglaze your pan, so that’s why you need to know how to deglaze Instant Pot meals.

So what does deglaze even mean? Do you use the brown bits of meat and fat sticking to the bottom of your Instant Pot when you are cooking your meat? That doesn’t always mean you’ve burned it! Even though the Instant Pot may start showing you a “BURN” warning.

If it doesn’t smell like you burned your meal, then you can still deglaze it and get a much tastier, richer flavored meat! These small bits of meat gets caramelized on the bottom and is sometimes called “fond.” So, how do you deglaze a pan?

First, you must take out all of the meat or other ingredients and place them to the side. When you do that, you should see the bits of meat or other foods sticking to the bottom. Be sure to turn the Instant Pot off from sauté mode and let it cool down. Otherwise, you likely will see that the “BURN” warning starts flashing on the Instant Pot! This happens because the machine senses the pot is getting too hot. You can’t immediately turn it from sauté to high pressure!

Then, take a spatula and carefully scrape as much of these bits off the bottom as you can. Next, you add some sort of liquid. This can be wine, broth, or even water, but usually, broth or wine will give you a much richer flavor in the long run. You are really missing out on this if you don’t deglaze your Instant Pot, so don’t waste this chance to make your dish taste even better!

Mix around the liquid used and be sure to scrape up every bit of the pieces of meat or other brown bits in the Instant Pot. When you are done and are sure you have every tasty bit, then you can put your meat and other ingredients back into the Instant Pot, turn it back to the appropriate cooking level, and finish your meal.

That’s all there is to know when it comes to knowing how to deglaze Instant Pot meals.


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