6 Steps To Debone Tilapia (Explained)

how to debone tilapia
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how to debone tilapia

For everyone who is fond of eating fish would be fond of Tilapia. This fish is a finfish and is native to Africa, but it is available in different parts of the world since it’s exported. Tilapia has delicious and white flesh and is available at a reasonable price. In the majority of cases, tilapia is available in the cleaned form, and it’s cut into fish fillets, but fresh fish is also available. So, if you’ve fresh tilapia, we are sharing how to debone tilapia!

How to Debone Tilapia?

Tilapia is one of the easily available fin fishes, and deboning is essential to ensure you can get an easy eating experience (who likes picking out the bones continuously?). That being said, in the section below, we are sharing the deboning and cleaning instructions, such as;

Step One

When you purchase the fresh tilapia, rinse it in cold water and hold the fish by its tail (you’ve to hold it on a flat surface, such as a cutting board). Now, hold the spoon or knife and scrape it from the fish’s tail toward the head area, and it will help remove the fish’s scales. You might have to apply moderate pressure and keep rotating the tilapia until you’ve removed the scales. Also, in case you are using a knife, use its backside for a better outcome.

Step Two

The second step is to make slits all along with the fins (using a boning knife is better for this). You can make the 1/8 inches cuts on both sides of the fin (you’ve to make a V shape) and grip the fin. Once you have a strong grip on the fin, pull it out, and all the connected tissues and bones will be removed with the fin.

Step Three

When you take out the fin, hold the tilapia fish by its tail and put the shape knife at the end of the tail and dig into the fish. You’ve to make the slit all along the fish’s belly, and when you reach fish’s gill, stop right there.

Step Four

When you reach this gill area, use your fingers to open up the belly and take out the fish’s innards. We suggest that you wear hand gloves to be hygienic. Coming back to our point, pull out the innards, and you can use a knife or spoon for scraping out the missed or leftover innards.

Step Five

In this step, you have to rinse the internal side of tilapia under cold water until the water is completely clear. For this purpose, you can also use your fingers to scoop out the fish’s innards.

Step Six

Now that the bones and innards are out, you can start cutting the fish into fillets. For cutting down the fillets, turn fish on the side and make slits from top to bottom (makes slits behind the gills). Secondly, you have to slide your knife all along the fish’s backbone all the way down to the tail. As a result, the fillets will be cut, and you can follow the same process on the fish’s other side to make more fillets.

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