4 Best Substitutes For Gram Flour (Besan)

gram flour substitutes
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gram flour substitutes

The use of flour has become quite common these days. Almost every other crunchy and nutty item calls for various types of flour. Especially when it comes to the Middle East, Asian, or even French cuisine, gram flour is substantially used in various spicy dishes. Starting from Indian to French cuisine, gram flour, also known as Besan flour or sometimes even chickpea flour is adequately used. However, sometimes the availability of the gram flour can be a little bit tricky in the market as they finish too quickly.

You don’t have to worry since you have quite a lot of options in the market that can be easily used as substitutes for gram flour. They might not give you the exact same nutty taste but the texture would be exactly the same. Read on to explore a few of the best substitutes for gram flour!

What Is Gram Flour And What Is It Used For?

Gram flour is a gluten-free flour obtained from the grounded chickpea flour called gram chickpea. Gram chickpeas are one of the most used and the best stable ingredients of Asia and the Middle East. Now even French cuisines call for gram flour.

Asian people are fond of making “Pakoras” or flatbreads with gram flour. They normally call this flour “Besan”. The earthy flavor and pale powdery texture make gram flour the best-suited option for spicy and savory dishes.

Moreover, people love to eat jalapenos and other vegetables deep-fried with the gram flour coating. Such crispy vegetables with rich and nutty coating make your snack meals even delicious and worth-binging. Overall, gram flour is one inevitable ingredient in many kitchens which is why having its alternatives lined up is very important.

How Do I Substitute Gram Flour?

Running out of grocery items, especially at the eleventh hour is one of the frustrating times. Suppose you have guests coming over. You have everything set up. But one major ingredient is going missing. It can ruin your whole preparation time.

However, the highly demanding ingredients like gram flour can vanish real quick then you think. Sometimes it is even hard to find graham flour in your nearby market. The other time you just have to settle down with other gluten-free flours to compensate for the use of gram flour.

Make sure that you ponder upon few dishes before substituting gram flour with other flour. For example, you can’t make “Besan Laddoos” with another flour.

Either with the certain flours alone or a few mixed together, you can get an adequate amount of gram flour substitute. Let’s learn some of the best alternative options for gram flour. Read on!

4 Best Substitutes For Gram Flour

The gram flour alternatives listed down might not be able to give you the exact nutty and savory taste as gram flour. However, they will give you the same texture to a good extent. Read up.

Substitute 1: Chickpea Flour

Gram flour and chickpea flour, both happen to have great similarities due to which chickpea flour is the nearest alternative of gram flour. Garbanzo beans are crushed and powdered dry to make chickpea flour. Just like gram flour, chickpea flour acts as an impressive thickener. You can easily marinate your vegetables or meat with chickpea flour instead of gram flour even if your recipe calls for gram flour.

Substitute 2: Rice Flour

Rice flour is gluten-free which makes it another good and easy one alternative for gram flour. Due to its thickening capability just like gram flour, you can easily use rice flour instead of gram flour for coating vegetables and other ingredients.

Substitute 3: Corn Flour

Due to the fact that cornflour perfectly binds two ingredients together like gram flour, we may name corn flour as a good substitute for gram flour. Corn flour and gram flour both are great thickening agents. However, you better don’t make Pakoras with cornflour.

Substitute 4: Powdered Oatmeal

Oat flour can be a compatible alternative for gram flour due to its thickening, binding, and nutty taste properties.

Final Thoughts:

Gram flour has a number of alternatives. 4 best substitutes for gram flour are listed above. You can use whichever suits you. Although make sure that you take care of the quantity and nature of your required recipe.

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