6 Common Gourmet Slow Cooker Problems (Troubleshooting)

gourmet slow cooker problems
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gourmet slow cooker problems

Slow cookers are famous among people who want to bring out the genuine flavors of the recipes. To be honest, we have become accustomed to quick-cooking but Gourmet slow cookers promise an efficient cooking experience. Still, there are some Gourmet slow cooker problems that users often struggle with. Now, let’s check out the problems and solutions!

Gourmet Slow Cooker Problems

1) Slow Cooker Is Not Heating

If the slow cooker is not heating, it needs repairing. With the heating issues, you have to check the controls, probe, element, switch, and thermal fuse. First of all, you must check the switch because it’s responsible for controlling the cooking time and temperature on the slow cooker. So, if the slow cooker is not heating, you must check the switch and make sure that it isn’t worn out from consistent usage.

Secondly, you need to check the fuses (we are talking about the thermal fuse). The thermal fuse is responsible for protecting the appliance from fusing, overheating, and burning. That being said, if the thermal fuse has broken down or is burned out, it won’t be able to detect heat and will cause heating issues. So, call the technician and get the thermal fuse replaced.

Thirdly, you must check the probes (the probes are also known as sensors or thermostats) as they detect the temperature of the meats. If the probe is unable to read the temperature properly, it might be broken and lead to heating issues. To fix this issue, you must replace the probes and you will see improvement in the heating.

Fourth, you must check the elements because if the heating element is broken, the slow cooker won’t produce heat. You can easily replace the heating element at home but make sure that all the wires are properly connected. Lastly, the heating issue can occur due to broken or burned-out circuit boards, so replace the control board to ensure that the slow cooker is heating properly.

2) Slow Cooker Is Taking Too Long To Cook Food

Sure, the slow cooker is designed to cook your food slowly but if it’s taking too long to cook food, there are chances that you haven’t installed the lid properly. That’s to say because if the lid is not properly installed, the heat buildup will keep escaping out, hence longer cooking times. So, check the lid and make sure it is tightly installed. Secondly, don’t take too many peeks to check if the food is cooking because it also releases the heat.

3) Meat Doesn’t Stay Intact

If there is one reason why people choose slow cookers, it’s because they want to cook the meat in a juicy and tender form. This generally happens when you choose tender and soft meat cuts. The slow cookers are designed to cook tough meat cuts. So, if the meat is turning out too gooey and soft, know that you cannot use tender meat cuts with a Gourmet slow cooker.

4) Meat’s Flavor Is Changed

People who are fond of meat can differentiate in the flavor within a second. So, if you are cooking meat in a slow cooker but the flavor is impacted, it might be carelessness on your end. For this purpose, we suggest that you sear the meat before cooking it in the slow cooker. Searing the meat will add extra flavor and adds texture. So, start searing meat before cooking it in the slow cooker if you want the perfect flavor!

5) Chicken Has Gooey Texture

Everyone loves to eat chicken but if the texture is too gooey, it is because you are using the skin-on chicken. For this reason, if you want crispy and brown chicken, you must use the skinless chicken with a slow cooker. Also, if you want to add more crispiness, you can add a slow cooker to the broiler pan and broil the chicken for a few minutes!

6) Lid Won’t Close Properly

The lid of the slow cooker must be properly closed to ensure the slow cooker is properly heating up. However, if the lid is not closing down properly, it might be because you used fresh herbs in the cooker. Keep in mind that fresh herbs can stick to the lid’s line and cause interference. So, whenever you have to slow cook, only use dry herbs.

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