3 Things To Do If You Forgot To Plug In Slow Cooker

forgot to plug in slow cooker
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forgot to plug in slow cooker

Ever since the conventional cooking pots and cookers have revolutionized to the electric range or slow cookers, the issues have increased to a larger scale. When it comes to slow cookers, they cook your roasts and other steamy meaty dishes to perfection and with extra delicious taste. Moreover, cooking in slow cookers is healthy as well. But wait! What if you have done everything to cook the meal in your slow cooker but forgot to plug it in? This is one main concern and mistake of many people. They usually forget plugging in their slow cookers and end up worrying if they can safely consume the meat they have put in the turned-off slow cooker.

You usually put all the ingredients in your slow cooker 3 to 4 or even more hours before cooking them. Your meaty items sit in the oven for hours to get slowly cooked only when you have plugged in your slow cooker. But what if you forgot to plug in your slow cooker after putting all the ingredients. Well, that’s a shocker and a frustrating thing to realize. However, if you wonder whether you can cook and consume the food or not, you have to be considerate about few things. In this post, we will further guide you about the prescribed issue. Read on.

What To Do If You Forgot To Plug In Slow Cooker?

Sometimes you get lucky when immediately reminded that you have forgotten to turn on the slow cooker after filling it with the meat and other ingredients. However, there are chances you completely forgot to plug in the slow cooker for even hours. Suppose you are one of those paranoid ones who frequently have to check on their health. Then you should think well before cooking and consuming the meat. 

Here are a few things you need to be considerate about when you forget to plug in the slow cooker:

  1. Make Sure The Meet Isn’t Spoiled:

The first thing you need to do is to check if the meat isn’t spoiled. You will get to know the spoilage by smelling the meet. If the meet smells foul or downright unpleasant in a weird way, then you have to, with a big heart, discard all the items along with meet. It is better to remove even the slightest sign of contamination than to be sorry.

  1. Take Care Of The Timings:

The next thing you need to consider is TIMINGS. You enter the danger zone, and your health can be at stake when more than 2 hours your meet is kept like that. Conservative people usually throw away the meat when it has been over 2 to three hours as the bacterial exposure increases. Your meet probably would end up being in a danger zone.

  1. Sear It Well, Cook And Consume!

 If you forgot to plug in the slow cooker, luckily, the meat hasn’t smelled bad yet. Don’t worry, simply sear it tightly before cooking. No one would question your cooking!

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