Can You Defrost Meat And Put It Back In The Fridge?

can you defrost meat and put it back in the fridge
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can you defrost meat and put it back in the fridge

When you have a tough daily routine to follow, it gets quite hard to keep up with the stuff sitting in your refrigerator. Many of you keep meat frozen in your fridges that you might want to take out when you decide to cook it. However, man changes their mind so quickly. Sometimes you just take out the meat and leave it for defrosting, which is quite an excruciating thing. Many people inquire about the correct way to defrost the meat and wonder if it is safe to defrost the meat and put it back in the fridge. In this guide, we will assess all your concerns about defrosting the meat safely. Stay with us!

Can You Defrost Meat And Put It Back In The Fridge?

Everyone wants to have their share of meat safe in their fridges even after thawing. Wrongly defrosted meat (microwave defrosting, hot water defrosting) will only give the meat a bland taste no matter how much spice you add in your meat recipe. Due to all these reasons, thawing or correctly defrosting your food is very important so that you can refreeze the meat back and cook it whenever you want to (preferably within three days after refreezing).

Best Way to Defrost the Meat—Refrigerating Method:

No one wants even the slightest of their stocked meat to go waste. People wish to refreeze their meat in the fridges even after defrosting. It is completely possible and 100% safe to thaw or defrost meat and later place it in the refrigerator. It is possible that the fresh beef’s taste and quality might deteriorate due to excess loss of moisture; however, it is perfectly safe to consume the defrosted meat.

There are several ways to defrost or thaw meat safely. The best way we have come up with is refrigerating the beef. 

Here is how you defrost the meat in the refrigerator:

  • Set the temperature of your refrigerator between 34° and 40°F. It is the ideal temperature to thaw.
  • Make sure to cover the pot of the meat with plastic wrapping to avoid excess water drippings spilled on food.
  • Try to provide extra cover to already cooked meat, which doesn’t require additional cooking.
  • After thawing the meat, try to consume the grounded meat first. Its quality, taste, and flavors will deteriorate quicker than the chunks of meat. 
  • After grounded beef/meat, make sure to cook the meat that has cuts.

Once you defrost the meat in the refrigerator, it is 100% safe to refreeze it. There are zero side effects of using defrosted meat. However, if you use another method of defrosting, the safety for your health isn’t guaranteed.

Final Thoughts:

When you defrost the meat by refrigerating it, it gets safer than ever to put the meat back in the fridge for consuming it later. The refrigerator thawing method doesn’t steal the meat’s original flavors and keeps its lavish taste intact. On the contrary, meat defrosted and tossed in the microwave would just make the meat bland.

can you defrost meat and put it back in the fridge
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