9 Steps To Fixing FoodSaver V825 Not Sealing

foodsaver v825 not sealing
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foodsaver v825 not sealing

A vacuum sealing system is an apt way of storing your food items for a long time as it promises protection from moisture and air exposure.

FoodSaver has designed a variety of machines, but V825 is one of the most popular models as it’s designed with an extended vacuum button, so you can use it with bags as well as large-size canisters.

In addition, if you have to stop the sealing process in the middle, there is a cancel button for your help. However, many users still complain about FoodSaver V825 not sealing issue but don’t worry because we have some solutions that can help!

FoodSaver V825 Not Sealing:

  1. Check The Bag

A vacuum sealer bag is the most important factor when it comes down to sealing the food, which is why it’s essential to check the bag as a solution.

If your vacuum sealer has stopped sealing, you have to check the vacuum sealer bag and make sure it’s placed correctly.

sealer bag
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In particular, the seal of the vacuum sealer bag should be aligned with the sealer bar on the machine. This is because the sealer bar dissipates heat, which melts the seal and locks it.

If the seal and sealer bar isn’t aligned, a vacuum sealer machine won’t work, so just take out your bag and try to seal it again.

Secondly, if you have purchased a roll of vacuum sealer bags, it’s recommended that you cut the bag from the marked point.

  1. Moisture

Many people make the mistake of vacuum-sealing extra-moist food in the vacuum sealer, but if the moisture gets into the vacuum chamber or the seal, the vacuum sealer machine won’t seal.

If you have to freeze the moist food, it’s recommended that you freeze it before vacuum-sealing. The raw meat should be frozen for at least one to two hours.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time to freeze the food items, we recommend that you put folded towels between the bag’s end and the food to absorb the moisture.

paper towels
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In case the seal and vacuum chamber already have moisture, it’s recommended that you disassemble the machine and let it dry before you start to vacuum-seal the food again.

As far as the paper towel method is concerned, make sure you leave a minimum of three inches of space between the bag’s end and the paper towel to ensure a tight seal.

  1. Seal Control Switch

FoodSaver V825 has been designed with a seal control switch, which offers higher control over the sealing function.

So, if the machine has stopped sealing, check the seal control switch and make sure it’s in the vacuum and seal position. In addition, you can also put it in the vacuum and extended seal position.

  1. Temperature

If the seal control switch is correctly selected, but the FoodSaver V825 is still not sealing, it’s likely that the unit is overheated.

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If you have to seal multiple bags, it’s recommended that you give your machine a 20-second break between each seal. This is because, in some cases, the vacuum sealer machine stops working when it’s overheated.

You can touch the unit, and if it’s too hot to touch, you must turn off your vacuum sealer for twenty minutes to make sure it cools own.

  1. Wrinkles

Many people don’t pay heed to the condition of the bag, but it can directly impact the performance of your vacuum sealer.

So, if there are wrinkles in the vacuum sealer bags, it can cause leakage, and there will be air bubbles in the bag.

The solution is to check the bag before putting it on the sealing strip before you close the lid, and start vacuum-sealing the food. If there are wrinkles, the seal won’t be strong enough.

  1. Accessory Hose

In case you are making the first seal on the vacuum sealer bag with two open ends, you’ve to ensure that the bag is put on the sealing string rather than the black rubber gasket.

In addition to this, you have to ensure that the open end of the bag is into a vacuum channel and disconnect the accessory hose.

  1. Power Cord

A vacuum sealer machine is an electronic appliance, which means it needs a strong power connection to operate properly.

The sealer bar heats up slowly when you connect the power cord to the power socket. For this reason, when the power cord is loose, the vacuum sealer won’t work properly.

So, check the power cord and make sure it’s firmly connected to the power socket. On the contrary, if your power cord is damaged, you must get it replaced.

  1. Power Socket

If the power cord is intact and firmly connected to the power socket, but the vacuum sealer machine is still not sealing, it’s likely that the power socket isn’t functional.

To check if the power socket is at fault, you should connect your vacuum sealer machine to another socket and try sealing again.

Electric plug in a socket
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If the vacuum sealer works, it means that the power socket is damaged and has to be repaired. On the other hand, if it doesn’t work, it’s likely that your vacuum sealer is damaged.

  1. Vacuum Sealer

If you have tried using the vacuum sealer in another power socket, but it still doesn’t work, it indicates that your vacuum sealer is damaged and needs professional repair.

It can be challenging to identify the reason behind the vacuum sealer not vacuuming, which is why we recommend that you call an electrician to get it fixed.

In most cases, the ICs are damaged due to constant use or power fluctuations, so get professional repairs done.

The Bottom Line

FoodSaver V825 is one of the best vacuum sealer machines out there, which offers better control over the sealing and ensures a strong seal as well.

However, if it has stopped sealing, you should follow the troubleshooting guide from this article or hire an electrician for help.

In case your vacuum sealer is still under warranty, you should call FoodSaver’s customer support team for a free vacuum sealer replacement or repair.

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