Are Vacuum Sealer Bags Recyclable? (Explained)

are vacuum sealer bags recyclable
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are vacuum sealer bags recyclable

Vacuum sealer bags are widely used to store food for a longer time period. This is because they have to be used with vacuum sealers to preserve the food and protect them from moisture and air.

Vacuum sealer bags are made from plastic, which is why many people wonder if vacuum sealer bags are recyclable or not.

The vacuum sealer bags are usually recycled as they are made from plastic, but you’ve to be conscious about proper recycling.

So, if you have been thinking, are vacuum sealer bags recyclable? We are sharing everything you need to know about it!

Are Vacuum Sealer Bags Recyclable?

Vacuum Sealer Bags – Can You Recycle Them?

Yes, vacuum sealer bags are recyclable in most cases. This is because they are usually made from biodegradable plastic material.

However, you must verify the local regulations to make sure the vacuum sealer bags are recycled properly. Recycling vacuum sealer bags is not only environment-friendly but cost-effective as well.

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This is because they help preserve the food for a long time, which reduces food wastage and saves money. On top of everything, recycling these bags protect marine animals.

When plastic isn’t disposed of properly, it contaminates the water and harms aquatic life, which is why bags are usually made from recyclable materials.

However, the recycling regulations and rules are different according to your location. In most cases, you have to take the bags to the food shopping plazas as they have recycling plants or collecting bins.

Keep in mind that the vacuum sealer bags must be emptied out to make sure they are recycled. In addition, you have to read the cleaning instructions to ensure correct disposing of.

In case your vacuum sealer bags have lead in them, you must understand the recycling and cleaning instructions properly to make sure no hazardous and harmful materials are infused into the environment.

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You have to consult the local waste and health division regarding disposal instructions to ensure you aren’t hurting the environment.

Tips To Recycle The Vacuum Sealer Bags

At this point, it’s clear that vacuum sealer bags can be recycled, but you have to follow the correct recycling instructions.

  • Always empty the vacuum sealer bags before putting them in the bin
  • Use the blue cart to dispose of the used vacuum sealer bags
  • If you don’t have access to the blue cart, just drop the bags at a recycling depot in your community
  • Visit a nearby food shop and hand them the used vacuum sealer bags to them
  • When you drop off the bags, you must bundle these bags and pack them with other plastic bags. In addition, they must be tied closely before you drop them into the blue cart to prevent tangling (if the bags are tangled, they won’t be recycled)
  • Only put the used vacuum sealer bags in the blue cart or recycling depot because the new ones aren’t liable for recycling
  • If you have a local grocery store that collects plastic bags, you can drop the vacuum sealer bags there as well
  • Invest in a separate bin to collect the used vacuum sealer bags before you go to drop them off at a store

How To Prepare Vacuum Sealer Bags For Recycling?

Before you drop off the used bags at a recycling depot, you’ve to prepare them to make sure they are suitable for recycling. Some of the steps that you’ve to follow include;

  • Take out stuff from the bags, be it receipts or food debris. This is because anything in the bags will contaminate the bags
  • Purchase a bag collecting bin. The bags are pretty compact, so you can store over fifty to a hundred sealer bags in one bin
  • Make sure the vacuum sealer bags have a #2 or #4 symbol. If there is no such symbol, you shouldn’t put it in the recycling bin

In case you aren’t clear on something, we recommend that you check it with the municipality’s office to understand the correct course of action or protocol.

In most cases, the recycling information is available on the city’s official website.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that majority of vacuum sealer bags are recyclable, and you can drop them at the recycling depots. However, always tie them and clear them out.

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