6 Ways To Troubleshoot Error Code F34 Thermador Oven

F34 Error Code Thermador Oven
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F34 Error Code Thermador Oven

Thermador is one of the best kitchen appliance brands out there. They have a wide range of convection and conventional ovens out there. The ovens are designed with advanced cooking and heating features.

However, many users have complained about the F34 error code on the oven – this error code is caused when the cooling fan’s air switch hasn’t been defined. So, if you want to get rid of this error code and resume regular baking, we have a few solutions that you can try!

F34 Error Code Thermador Oven – How to Fix It?

  1. Check The Air Switch

The error code F34 is triggered by the air switch, which is why we suggest that you check the air switch. The air switch is activated by air, and a push-button is installed to instigate a puff of air, which travels along the tubing and activates the air switch.

In simpler words, an air switch is important for turning on or off the oven. So, when the air switch is damaged, the error code F34 will appear on the oven’s display. The only solution to this problem is to replace the air switch.

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If you have any technical expertise, you can change the air switch on your own (purchase a new switch from the electronics store) or hire an electrician.

  1. Vent Line

The leftover food debris and heat have to be vented out of your oven, which is why there is a vent line in the oven. It’s quite common for this vent line to get clogged with regular cooking, which is why we suggest that you check the vent line for blockages.

If possible, you should suck out debris with a blower or a vacuum, or you can also use a clog cleaner brush. However, if you are unsure about it, you can call an oven repairman to clean the vent line.

  1. Wiring

If the vent line is clean, but the error code F34 is still there, we recommend that you check the wiring. This is because damaged or broken wiring can adversely impact the functionality of your oven.

Ideally, you should use a multimeter to inspect the wiring – if there is negative or zero continuity, it means that the wiring is damaged and has to be replaced.

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Keep in mind that you have to get the entire wiring system of the oven replaced because it’s not possible to repair the wiring.

  1. Damaged Blower Fan Motor

Thermador ovens are integrated with a centrifugal blower fan motor, which helps move the air. In addition, it directs the hot air through a cladding system.

However, a damaged blower fan motor can also result in the said error code. It’s common for people to get their blower fan motor serviced, but a better option is to get the blower fan motor replaced.

  1. Cords

If nothing works, it’s likely that the power cord that connects the Thermador oven to power is loose.

The ideal fix is to disconnect the power cord and reconnect it to the outlet – you’ve to ensure a tight connection of the power cord. Also, if the power cord seems physically damaged, you should get it changed.

  1. Power Socket

Electrician checking socket voltage digital multimeter
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If there is nothing wrong with the power cord, check the power socket to make sure it provides sufficient power flow. It can be challenging to move a Thermador oven, which is why it’s better that you connect another electronic appliance to the same power outlet.

If the other appliance doesn’t work either, it means that the power socket is damaged and has to be repaired.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that error code F34 is quite easy to fix. However, if these solutions don’t work, we recommend that you contact Thermador’s technical service team for more help. Also, if the oven is under warranty, you might be able to get a free repair service.

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