3 Ways On How To Unlock Thermador Oven?

How To Unlock Thermador Oven
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How To Unlock Thermador Oven

Thermador ovens are designed with security features to keep the kids and pets protected throughout. One such feature allows the users to lock the Thermador oven to make sure someone cannot open the door or make changes to the control panel settings. However, if you have locked the door but don’t know how to unlock it, we have some information that can help!

How To Unlock Thermador Oven?

There are various models of oven designed by Thermador, and the unlocking method varies with the model. Having said that, there are two methods of unlocking, including automatic and manual unlocking. So, let’s check the information about both these methods;

1. Automatic Unlocking Method

The Thermador oven allows the automatic unlocking of the door once the self-cleaning and cooking features are complete. However, for the automatic unlocking method to work, you have to ensure the following points;

  • The oven must be cooled down
  • The oven racks must be depleted
  • Clean the greasy particles of the room

Once you follow these steps, you will be able to use the automatic unlocking. It’s safe to say that the oven is locked when you enable the self-cleaning feature, so make sure the oven door is properly closed, or it will lead to functionality issues. Generally, the self-cleaning feature takes over two hours to complete, and the door will only unlock once the self-cleaning cycle is complete.

2. Manual Unlocking Method

If you have already tried the automatic unlocking method, but the door is still not unlocking, you can opt for the manual unlocking method. Keep in mind that the manual unlocking method needs some physical force, but you must be gentle. This is because the oven door doesn’t unlock automatically when there is a short circuit during the cleaning cycle. In that case, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • First of all, you have to reset the Thermador oven by disconnecting it from the power source (disconnect the oven from the circuit board directly). You must keep the oven disconnected for five to ten minutes as it helps erase the settings
  • When the oven turns on again, you’ve to press the self-clean button on the oven and wait for a minute. Then, cancel the self-cleaning function as it helps loosen the latch on the oven door, and it will open up

3. Use A Lean Object

If both above-mentioned methods haven’t resolved the locking issue, it’s recommended that you opt for a lean object – you can use a blunt knife or a steel scale to enter the space between the oven frame and the door (please be gentle). Now, slip the lean object towards the oven door’s latch and turn it in the left direction and use some pressure to pull the oven door. Since the door’s latch is free from obstacles, the door won’t have a way to remain attached to the frame and will open up.

These are three methods that can be tried to unlock the oven. However, if you still have some issues, it’s best that you hire a repairman to unlock the oven!

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