Do You Remove Skin From Ham Hock? (Answered)

do you remove skin from ham hock
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do you remove skin from ham hock

Pork chops are everyone’s favorite but there are other delicious cuts of pig available too. Well, that’s to say because ham hock is the joint between a pig’s leg and foot. The joint tastes pretty delicious and people who love bony meat absolutely adore the ham hock. However, the question, “do you remove the skin from ham hock?” remains constant. Usually, people buy the smoked ham hock from the supermarket, but if you bought the fresh ones and don’t know about the skin, this article will help you!

Do You Remove Skin From Ham Hock?

Some people are absolutely in love with the soups and the ham hock promises a very delicious soup. However, one never knows what to do with the skin. For instance, they ask if they should remove the skin from the ham hock. So, as for soups, we suggest taking it off and cutting it into small pieces and adding them to the soul again.

Also, you can simmer the skin under the broiler and top the soup with this amazingly crispy skin. The skin is actually beneficial because it’s rich in collagen, promising high-end benefits for the skin. In addition, you can remove the skin in the first batch and use it in the next money to optimize a fulfilling experience.

Moving forward to the smoked ham hocks and the skin removal. That’s to say because if you are roasting the ham hock or making the smoked ham hock, you should leave the skin on. This is because the skin will create an adequate fat layer that’s appropriate for skimming. In case you want to remove the skin from the ham hock, you need to cook it first and let it cool down. The ham hock must be cool enough to be handled easily. You can use the sharp kitchen knives or shears for cutting off the skin. While you are cutting off the skin, it’s suggested that you remove the major part.

On the other hand, you should leave behind one-fourth of the fat layer on top of the meat to offer a yummy flavor and tender meat. Also, the trimming will never be even, so don’t waste your time and effort.

Benefits of Ham Hock Skin

The skin of the ham hock is rich in collagen which makes it suitable for people who want to stay young all their life. That’s to say because collagens are extensively used in anti-aging creams and lotions that make it good for the skin and overall health.

In addition to skin, consuming the ham hock will add flavor and richness to the dishes (soups mostly). Some people take out the skin once the dish is completed but we suggest simmering the skin for a crispy texture. The bottom line is that removing the skin of the ham hock is a personal choice that depends on the dish and taste.

do you remove skin from ham hock
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