Do Electric Pressure Cookers Make Noise?

Do Electric Pressure Cookers Make Noise?
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Do Electric Pressure Cookers Make Noise?

Do Electric Pressure Cookers Make Noise?

So you are considering purchasing or investing money into an electric pressure cooker, but it is important to you that your pressure cooker is quiet. With this comes the question, ‘Are electric pressure cookers silent or do they make a lot of noise?’.

This is a very common question since a noisy pressure cooker would not be beneficial for anyone. This is just one of the many factors that you must consider with kitchen appliances, but it is an important one.

Noisiness is not very practical, especially in a busy household. It can just add to the chaos and noise in the home and cause a lot more stress than is necessary. There are some kitchen appliances that will naturally make a lot of noise such as a blender, but what about an electric pressure cooker?

The Truth Behind Electric Pressure Cookers

There is good news! Because of the technology behind electric pressure cookers, many if not all of them are essentially silent. While they may make a sound at the end when the steam is being released, they are generally silent without that annoying hissing noise that comes from average pressure cookers.

Many regular or pressure cookers that are electric come with a very annoying and consistent hissing sound due to the steam escaping throughout the cooking process. However, if you choose to invest in an electric pressure cooker, you will avoid that annoying noise due to built-in mechanisms and tools that ensure the steam is let out quietly.

While an electric pressure cooker may cost a little bit more, you can invest in it knowing that it won’t annoy you or add any unwanted stress through the noise. On top of that, if you are worried that you will not know when your food is done due to the machine being silent, electric pressure cookers often have alarms or alert systems built into the device itself. This alert or alarm will notify you when your food is done and ready to eat.

To use this mechanism, you will either set a time or use a pre-set time depending on what you are cooking. If you don’t want to use this or try to figure it out, any time will do the job.

Now that you know the magic of a silent electric pressure cooker, you must now choose which one fits you and your needs the best. There are so many to choose from, so good luck!


Overall, if you were looking into investing a little extra money into an electric pressure cooker but were concerned about the noise factor, fret no longer. Electric pressure cookers are so popular because of their innovative technology and advancements such as the ability to be silent. This way, you can cook your food without any added distractions or stress. Enjoy the silence of your cooking so that your food can taste that much better in the end. You can eat knowing that you made an amazing investment.


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