3 Best Substitutes For Deggi Mirch

deggi mirch substitutes
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deggi mirch substitutes

Deggi mirch is a well-known Indian spice that is usually made from a mixture of colorful red capsicum and Kashmiri red chilies. Deggi mirch enhances the color of dishes besides giving a delicious flavor to recipes. The color of soups alters to reddish-orange due to the addition of deggi mirch ingredient. The famous recipes that include deggi mirch as an essential ingredient are tandoori chicken, vegetable curries, naan or paratha bread, traditional dishes, rice, etc.

These are used in a wide range of recipes in Asian countries to enhance the taste and color of foods. Sometimes deggi mirch is mixed with moderately mild Garam Masala for flavoring the biryanis, kababs, and soups.

How hot is deggi mirch?

The main reason for using Deggi mirch in recipes is its unique flavor. It enhances and enriches the overall flavor. In comparison to other spices, Deggi mirch is mild in heat. Paprika is relatively less hot than deggi mirch. The main purpose of using this mirch in cooking is to enhance coloring and taste rather than just adding heat.

If you are making a recipe and you do not have deggi mirch on hand, then what to substitute if you run short of deggi mirch? Here is my run-down of various alternative options for Deggi Mirch Substitutes.

Deggi Mirch Substitutes

1) Kashmiri Chili Powder

It is a simple dried, red-colored powdered chili that is used in recipes such as curries, lentils, soups, etc. Recipes call for Kashmiri chili powder mainly for the benefit of color that it gives along with a unique spicy flavor. It is suitable for those recipes that do not require a lot of heat.

One of the important constituents of deggi mirch is the Kashmiri chili powder. In the absence of deggi mirch, you can use Kashmiri chili as an alternative. The heat level of Kashmiri chili will be slightly lower than deggi mirch. Another benefit of Kashmiri Chili powder is the red color it can impart to dishes like chicken tandoori.

Kashmiri chili is a good source of vitamin C that means the use of these chilies will help in building your immunity. Vitamin C is important for the health of blood vessels and skin.

2) Paprika

The most common item in every household is paprika. There is a similarity of flavor between paprika and Deggi mirch. So, it will be a good choice to use both as a substitute for each other. The measure of heat that both provide is different i.e., Deggi mirch is about 1,500-2,000 Scoville units, whereas paprika is around 500 Scoville heat units.

In dry form, both paprika and deggi mirch are similar in taste. But when deggi mirch fries in oil, the spices and taste become different. Hence, if you want to substitute paprika for deggi mirch, you must be ready for the difference in heat units that it will provide.

However, normal paprika lacks the intense level flavor of deggi mirch. Therefore, we suggest you use smoked ‘La Vera’ pimeton Picante paprika as a deggi mirch substitute.

3) Cayenne Peppers

It is a kind of red chili pepper that is closely related to bell peppers and jalapenos. Deggi mirch also includes red chili in its contents. Hence, in case of the absence of deggi mirch, you can add cayenne peppers to your dish.

Cayenne pepper is extremely useful in cooking alongside its use in the medical industry. The use of these peppers in food has nutritional benefits and it includes a wide range of antioxidants necessary for your health. An active ingredient of Cayenne peppers is capsaicin that is responsible for the hot taste of cayenne pepper. So, this substitute will help in adding the hot flavor to dishes just like deggi mirch.

Now you are available with various options which you can use in place of your deggi mirch ingredients. The choice of substitute should be in match with the necessary characteristics of deggi mirch i.e., flavor and unique reddish-orange color of recipes. Choose any of the above substitutes for your deggi mirch recipe and continue your cooking. Keep one thing in mind different substitutes will have different Scoville heat units in it in comparison to deggi mirch. Therefore, choose your substitute for deggi mirch wisely and enjoy your cooking with different ingredients but almost similar tastes.           

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