Do Poblano Peppers Need To Be Peeled?

do poblano peppers need to be peeled
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do poblano peppers need to be peeled

Poblano Peppers is a form of chili pepper which is mostly found in New Mexico. Just like any other pepper, they are green in color, and they are identical to most other categories of pepper. In size, they are slightly bigger than jalapenos but are shorter than bell peppers.

Do Poblano Peppers Need To Be Peeled?

Most people prefer to peel the skin of certain fruits and vegetables before they eat them or use them in a dish. This has raised the question among certain users about whether they should peel poblano peppers or not.

This is why today; we will be focusing on telling you whether you can eat the skin of poblano peppers and if you should peel the skin or not. Here is everything that you need to learn about poblano peppers in detail:

Should You Peel Them?

In case you are here for the short answer, then it really depends on how you are planning to use the poblano peppers. For instance, if you want to roast the poblano pepper, only then should you peel the skin of the poblano peppers.

The main reason behind peeling roasted poblano peppers is because the process will affect the skin. The skin of these peppers become papery which many people don’t like to consume. Furthermore, the roasted skin has no labor at all, and the texture isn’t pleasing to the mouth or eyes as well.

But if you are wondering whether the roasted skin is edible or not, then yes, it is completely edible. While you are free to eat the skin of pepper, we don’t really recommend you eat it. As already explained, the skin does not taste good at all and will ultimately result in ruining the whole taste of the dish.

So, to answer the question, yes you should peel the skin of the poblano peppers only if you want to roast them. In other scenarios, it is entirely up to you on how you decide to eat them.

Is There Any Harm on Eating the Skin Of Poblano Peppers?

Another question that may be raised regarding the skin of poblano peppers is whether there is any kind of harm in eating the skin. Luckily, there isn’t any known harm if you decide to eat the skin. This is true even when you want to roast the pepper.

Keep in mind that deciding to eat the skin may prove to be an unpleasant experience. We have already mentioned how the skin does not have any taste at all. On top of that, the thick skin gets papery when roasted. Instead of complimenting the main dish, including the skin may end up ruining it for you.

Using Poblano Peppers:

Before we wrap it all up, let’s discuss a number of ways on how you can use poblanos:

  • They can be used to as a dressing on various salads and dishes.
  • Poblano chilies can be paired up with corn which will give an enjoyable meal.
  • They can be used as a stuffing in a variety of dishes.
  • You can also add broiled poblano into avocado dips.

These are just some of the many ways you can use poblanos. It simply depends on your taste and preference. There really isn’t any health concern related to eating poblanos with skin. As a matter of fact, when not roasting, you might end up liking poblanos with the skin attached.

In other words, you can try eating poblanos with and without the skin to test which one you like more. Simply start using them the way you find better for yourself afterward!

The Bottom Line

Do poblano peppers need to be peeled? While there isn’t any known risk attached to eating the skin of the pepper, it still is preferred that you peel the skin off especially when you are roasting them. For more details, be sure to refer to the article.

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