3 Most Common Cuisinart Grind And Brew Problems (Solutions Provided)

cuisinart grind and brew problems
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cuisinart grind and brew problems

If you aren’t a morning person, we are pretty sure that you would be cranky in the mornings. However, there is always one thing good about the morning, the freshly brewed coffee! It’s needless to say that coffee is the instant mood-picker.

So, you bought the Cuisinart grind and brew machine and it served you good coffee all the time. However, if there are Cuisinart grind and brew problems, we have added the proper information about possible issues and fixes. Are you ready for a strong shot of espresso then?

Cuisinart Grind And Brew Problems

1) Beans Not Grinding Up

It’s not only you who is grinding to make it big, the coffee beans get ground to serve you coffee. Coming to the point; coffee beans not grinding up is one of the most common problems with Cuisinart. With this being said, the beans won’t grind even after you push the grinder button. Well, this problem has multiple causes and we have lined them all!

Firstly, you need to make sure that the coffee beans you are using are compatible with the machine. It is suggested to use only roasted coffee beans for grinding in the Cuisinart machine. In addition, never grind the unroasted beans and nuts in the coffee grinder because it can adversely impact the blade. Secondly, there are chances that beans are stuck in the blades.

In this case, you need to check the grinder and look under the grinder blades. If there are stuck beans under the blade, simply clean it off and the Cuisinart will start grinding your coffee perfectly. In addition, there are chances that the blades have worn out. With this being said, you need to replace the blades (the blades are readily available at Amazon).

2) Water Leaks

This is the second most persistent issue with Cuisinart grind and brew when the water starts leaking out from the bottom side. In this case, there might a split issue or loose seal. With this being said, you should remove the bottom compartment and check for fraying and damages to the water lines. If the water lines are intact, check the seals. In case of splits and cracks, add the flex tape.

3) No Brewing

What is the point of having Cuisinart grind and brew if it’s not going to brew your coffee? But hey, don’t worry because it can be solved. No brewing depicts the issue when you aren’t able to get the coffee even after pressing the button. The usual reason behind this issue is the clogged pump. The pump can get clogged given the mineral buildups. In this case, you will need to check the tubes and if there is mineral buildup, you can either use the anti-calcium kits or use vinegar.

Vinegar will help soften the mineral building. On the other hand, the anti-calcium kits are specifically designed to clean the coffee machines. Also, there are chances that water is less than required, so make sure that the water reservoir level is always more than the third level. In addition, you should use water filters (preferably charcoal) because it reduces the chances of mineral buildups.

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