Cuisinart Coffee Maker Clean Light Will Not Stop Blinking

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Clean Light Will Not Stop Blinking
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Cuisinart Coffee Maker Clean Light Will Not Stop Blinking

To have that perfect tasting coffee in the morning, you need a well-functioning Cuisinart coffee maker. However, apart from having a perfectly working machine, you must also ensure that your machine is clean to ensure that your coffee has that prime taste.

Your machine does not get dirty because of the remaining particles only. It also gets dirty with the mineral ions present in the water you use for brewing the coffee.

Cuisinart has several excellent coffee makers available in their product portfolio, and it’s an excellent option for people who want to make their own coffee.

However, it doesn’t matter which coffee maker you buy; you need to learn a thing or two about maintaining it properly. Failure to do that will lead to a litany of problems for you and prevent you from enjoying your coffee.

It is vitally important for you to make sure that you maintain your coffee maker and clean it consistently to avoid major problems. Thankfully, most advanced coffee maker models come with a range of features that immediately inform you when something is wrong.

For instance, many of the Cuisinart models come with a “clean light” that automatically tells you when the appliance needs to be cleaned out. You need to know how to fix the problem if the light comes from, and more importantly, what causes it.


The most common reason for having to clean your Cuisinart coffee maker is calcium deposits on your Cuisinart coffee maker base.

To clean those calcium deposits on your coffee maker, you need to follow the decalcification procedure that is described in the owner’s manual of your appliance.

The frequency with which you will have to decalcify your coffee maker will vary depending upon the kind of water you are using. If you’re using hard water, you will find yourself cleaning out the coffee maker much more frequently.

Limescale in a kettle
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Limescale in a kettle

Hard water contains a greater amount of minerals, such as calcium. The higher mineral content leaves behind deposits in the coffee maker that is difficult to get rid of.

As the amount of deposits increases, your coffee maker will start showing you a light indicating the need for it to be cleaned from the inside. The efficiency of your coffee maker is also going to suffer as a result of this. So, what can you do about it?

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Clean Light Will Not Stop Blinking

Cuisinart coffee maker clean light won't stop blinking
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Cuisinart coffee maker clean light won’t stop blinking

The blinking light of your Cuisinart coffee maker indicates that it needs a quick clean-up because of calcium accumulation. However, if you do not clean it, it can interfere with the taste of your coffee.

Most people are quite particular about how their coffee tastes and do not want even the slightest change. So, if you notice a change in your coffee, you must consider cleaning it up.

A Few Steps To Clean Your Cuisinart Coffee Maker

  1. For cleaning your Cuisinart coffee maker, you must fill water into the reservoir. The water should be ⅔ of the total, and you should fill the rest of it with white vinegar.
  2. After filling the reservoir with water and vinegar, you must press the Clean button to start the cleaning process of your Cuisinart coffee maker. The good thing about the machine is that it has a built-in cleaning function that’ll eliminate all the calcification.
  3. After pressing the cleaning button, there is a clean light on your Cuisinart coffee maker that will illuminate. When this light glows, you must press the On button of your Cuisinart coffee maker.
  4. Now your clean light will begin to shine consistently. This is because your Cuisinart coffee maker is under CLEAN.
  5. One cycle of cleaning your Cuisinart coffee maker can be enough. After the cleaning cycle completes in your Cuisinart coffee maker, it will make 5 beeping sounds and eventually shut off.
  6. Now you must turn it on to check if there is clean light still blinking on your Cuisinart coffee maker or if the problem was resolved.

If the Clean Light Keeps On Blinking

  • If you see the clean light flashing or blinking on your Cuisinart coffee maker, then you must repeat the cleaning process. Sometimes, if a bit of vinegar is left in the coffee maker, it may cause the light to blink again.
  • Make sure to use a fresh solution or mixture of water and vinegar the next time you clean it.
  • Wait a few minutes after the cleaning process is completed. See if the cleaning light stops flashing afterward.
  • Now you must turn on your Cuisinart coffee maker and then run another freshwater cycle before you brew your morning coffee.

Almost all appliances are going to sustain damage due to hard water. If you have an electric kettle, pouring hard water in it will leave behind limescale deposits.

Again, it’s not something that you want. You need to be very particular about the kind of water that you put in your coffee maker.

If you are consistently using hard water with your coffee maker, the light will blink much more often. That’s not something that you want. If you have a hard water problem in your house, one of the best things you can do is install a water filtration system.

Install a water filtration system
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Install a water filtration system

There are plenty of water filtration systems that are designed to help reduce the mineral content of the water and make it more suitable for consumption. It’s much better than to constantly have to worry about different things going bust now and then.

Modern coffee makers come with a wide range of safety measures built into them and are designed to perform maximum efficiency. If there are elements that affect the efficiency of the coffee maker, these things are not going to work properly and give you a warning right away.

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