What To Do When Crock Pot Lid Is Not Tight?

crock pot lid not tight
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crock pot lid not tight

How long have you been using that fancy crock pot of yours? Do you feel like the Crock pot lid is not tight enough? What can you do to fix this and tighten the lid of your Crock pot? We have got it all covered for you in this article.

Here’s how you can fix your issues with your crock pot lid not tight enough to cook your meal properly within it.

Crock Pots And Its Lid

The crockpot comes with a glass lid usually which is kind of see-through. But as soon as you start cooking your meal inside a crock pot, its lid gets all foggy due to all the bunched up steam inside it. The lid usually stays in place never leaving its proper position. Although, the lid of a crock pot never seals the vessel like the lid of a pressure cooker, yet it does a pretty great job in trapping the steam inside the crock pot.

The lid of your Crock pot is never meant to actually form a tight seal with the given pot. It just fits the crockpot and covers the components inside it. The lid fits the pot perfectly but it is placed still slightly loose on the top. Unlike a typical stainless steel pot, you will never be able to actually get your crock pot lid to form a tightened seal.

What To Do When Crock Pot Lid Is Not Tight?

Even when the lid of your crock pot is somewhat loosely placed over the top, your meal is still safe inside it. It will be cooked properly. You should not remove the lid in the middle of the cooking. Even a loose lid is still important to trap all that steam. This steam is what actually cooks the food. So even if the lid is loose, you’re still good to cook your meal using the same high-temperature steam and high pressure.

If you remove the lid of your crock pot mid-cooking, all that steam will quickly escape from the pot, leaving your food undercooked and inedible.

How To Fix The Loose Crock Pot Lid?

The loose lid of your crock pot is not an issue as long as it traps the maximum amount of steam inside the pot. Even if it fits the pit loosely, it can allow only a little amount of steam to escape but the maximum amount will still be used to cook your food.

However, if you notice that the lid of your crock is not tight enough to hold the required amount of steam needed to cook your food properly, this is a serious issue. You can either get it fixed from a crock pot shop or you can DIY fix it at home. The home fixing night is temporary for only once in a blue moon trick.


If your crock pot lid is not tight, you can simply wrap a tight heavy clothing on the sides of the gaps present between your pot and the lid. You can also try using some liquid flour as a means to fill in the gaps as a temporary one-time fix to stop steam from escaping out.

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