Chef’s Pan vs Saute Pan: What’s The Difference?

chef's pan vs saute pan
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chef’s pan vs saute pan

Chefs are the maestro in the culinary field. They are experts in the cookware world as they have vast experience with different kinds of utensils. They know what suitable cookware is in the making of a specific dish. Therefore, people follow the suggestions of these cooking experts while choosing cutlery for their kitchen.

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a chef? Do you wonder what cookware do chefs recommend and why? Do you want to try the cookware that professional chefs use? We will provide information about two famous pans here. In this article, we will compare the Chef’s pan and sauté pan. After reading it, you will have a good knowledge of which pan to use in making a specific recipe.

Chef’s Pan vs Saute Pan

What is the chef’s pan?

The Chef’s pan is deeper, and its sides are sloped. This layout allows the cook to add and mix ingredients effortlessly while cooking. A chef’s pan has a medium length with round shape sides. Sometimes you will find a chef’s pan that has straight sides. The bottom of the chef’s pan is usually flat with a largemouth. The wide mouth of the pan helps to speed up the evaporation of liquid in the food. Its handle is usually large that helps the cook to handle it easily. The Chef’s pan also has a tight-fitting cover.

Usually, it is prepared by a heavy ground base which is its specialty that allows temperatures to vary rapidly with changes in heat. There is a wide range of varieties of Chef’s pan available in the market. The size ranges from 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 quarts. Chef’s pan sides make it simpler and easier for sautéing or frying a large number of foods. Saucier pans and chef’s pans resemble each other and can also be substituted in each other’s place.

There is sufficient space in Chef’s pan that makes it easier for rotating and stirring the food ingredients. The wide mouth of Chef’s pan allows a wider space for stirring making it perfect cookware for sauces, risottos, custards, etc.

What is Sauté pan?

Sauté pan, as the name suggests, fulfills sauteing purposes. The term sauteing of food means the movement of food particles around the pan during cooking. Sauteing is the best technique for frying food, and it does not require much oil. Sauté pans are similar to other frying pans. The distinguishing feature of the sauté pan is that it has deeper edges, and this characteristic makes it different from the frying pan.

Sautee pan is most suitable for sautéing of veggies and tender meat cuts. Just like the chef’s pan, the sauté pan also has a lid on it. This lid makes it more versatile cookware. The lid is useful for locking heat and moisture. Hence, it is useful because food cooks in less time due to locking of moisture in sauté pan.

The walls of the sauté pan are usually at steeper angles. These steeper sides make the sauté pan more suitable for saucier recipes. For example, you can easily cook curry in the sauté pan because of the walls of this cookware. You can easily sear meat in the pan too. Another major advantage of using a sauté pan is that you can place it in the oven as well. sauté pan is useful for tossing the ingredients of a dish back and forth in the air and it can be used on high heat with oil.


Sauté pan is a very useful cooking utensil for almost anything. Chef’s pan is a usually larger pan that is similar to saucier and it has versatile uses as it is usable for many different recipes. However, the pros and cons only do not show which one is a better cooking utensil.

You will have to choose between these two-cookware based on your cooking experience and type of recipe. Recipes that require a lot of space can’t be cooked in these pans. Chef’s pan is often preferred over other cooking utensils as it is a single multipurpose pan. It is the first choice of professional chefs. So, I hope you will enjoy your cooking experience more with Chef’s pan.

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