6 Best Caramel Extract Substitutes You Should Try

caramel extract substitute
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caramel extract substitute

Baked goods and desserts require food extracts for the best taste and deep-rooted flavors. Food extracts can be pure, artificial, and natural. Among other popular extracts, caramel extract serves as a great extract in your pantry to facilitate your desserts such as butterscotch cookies, chocolate chips, cinnamon rolls, sweet puddings, and etc. However, many people struggle to find caramel extracts conveniently in the market.

They have to struggle to find a decent camel extract from the local grocery stores. If you are one of them, then you need to have some caramel extract alternatives in your mind. In this article, we will walk you through some easily available caramel extracts that will give you almost the same results as caramel extract. Read on.

What Is A Caramel Extract?

It is a good practice to first know the ingredient you need to substitute. The caramel extract is manufactured on a large and fine-scale in various food processing companies. It is made when a good quantity of caramel is steeped in a strong solvent such as alcohols, ethanol, etc.

Despite being manufactured on quite a large scale, caramel extract is sometimes still short of availability in supermarts and grocery stores. Even the online or virtual stores fall short of it. Caramel extract is mainly used in chocolate chip, caramel cookies, butterscotch cookies, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruits dips, fine sauces, fruit syrups, and other desserts as well as frostings.

In order to fulfill the need for caramel extract in multiple recipes of desserts, you must have some caramel extract alternatives on your end.

Best Caramel Extract Substitute

If your dessert requires caramel extract and your pantry is out of it, then you have to look for some compatible substitutes.

Here are some of the recommended replacements for caramel extract you will find easily:

Substitute 1: Caramel Syrup

Due to the sweet flavors and fruity essence, you may use caramel syrup in place of caramel extract. It will suit your fruity dips and frostings to some extent. However, the entire taste may shake a bit as caramel syrup is extra sweet and strong.

Substitute 2: Caramel Liqueur

Liqueurs have a good percentage of alcohol just like extracts. Caramel liqueur is believed to be the nearest substitute for caramel extract. But you might omit its use if you are preparing dessert for the non-alcohol drinkers.

Caramel liqueurs have a signature sweet and fruity taste that resembles caramel extract a lot. Add an equal quantity to make the frostings and boast the flavors deeply. Finding caramel liqueur might be a little challenging, however, they might be easily found at Amazon.

Substitute 3: Caramel Sauce (Watered Down)

Caramel sweet sauce is easily available in several stores and marts. You might even have it in your pantry already. The extract can be replaced by a sauce only when the sauce is watered down a bit. You are expected to experience a sort of thickness and extra sugary flavors with caramel sauce. Make sure to water down the caramel sauce a bit and add it to the chocolate chip cookies, butterscotch cookies, and caramel cookies.

Substitute 4: Butter Extract

Butter extract is one of the healthy substitutes for caramel extract because of being gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free. However, there are higher chances of you not getting the same sugary and fruity flavors you used to get using caramel extracts. Only use butter extract if you are okay with having sugar-less dessert which is very rare.

Substitute 5: Vanilla Extract

You may expect to find vanilla extract in almost all the grocery stores in abundance. It is also one of the closest substitute for caramel extract. You may add a little quantity of vanilla extract in place of caramel extract. The sweet and fruity flavors will be the same as in caramel extract.

Substitute 6: Almond Extract

If you are making any fruity recipe, you might end up liking almond extract in place of caramel extract. The nutty flavor of almond extract gives value to your dessert.

Final Thoughts:

Caramel extract is a rich, flavorful ingredient. Above mentioned items are the best substitutes for the caramel extract in the market.

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