Can You Substitute Cottage Cheese For Ricotta Cheese?

can you substitute cottage cheese for ricotta cheese
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can you substitute cottage cheese for ricotta cheese

Our meals are incomplete by the cheesy delights added at the end. We all have our preferences when it comes to cheese. Like many other types, ricotta cheese is a unique cheese. Ricotta literally means being recooked.

The cheese is moist and fluffy. However, this texture makes it vulnerable to spoilage. It can pretty much be added to anything from lasagna, salads to various desserts. It is an often-asked question whether you can substitute cottage cheese for ricotta cheese. So, we decided to end the debate today.

Can You Substitute Cottage Cheese For Ricotta Cheese?

Cottage cheese is considered the closest substitute for ricotta cheese. They can be replaced with each other in many recipes. However, we have discussed some important similarities and differences that would make the substitution debate easier.


Although they are similar in taste, the basic difference is in their making. Cottage cheese is made from curds, unlike ricotta that comes from whey.

Ricotta is prepared from the remaining liquid (whey) once the milk has been strained. There is no hard and fast rule of which animal’s milk should be used, but cow’s milk is common while preparing both the cheeses. These are usually fresh, thus, they do not tarty and acidic taste that comes from aging.


Cottage cheese has a creamy, salty, and tarty flavor profile. Ricotta, although slightly sweet in flavor can be replaced by cottage cheese.


Ricotta has a smooth texture unlike cottage cheese because it is made from curd. Ricotta is moist and grainy, and the cottage contains lumps.


You can easily replace ricotta with cottage cheese in lasagna because of multiple layers. Use an equal amount of cheese for substitution. Cottage cheese is loose and hence would be a little runny when added to lasagna. Be careful while you are substituting for desserts, as you need to add everything in perfect amount to prevent a disaster. Substitute cottage for ricotta without stress in celery or spread.

The problem with cottage cheese is the moisture content. To counter it, strain the cheese through a sieve and you will have a solid form of the cottage. This would be a better substitute for ricotta, as wet cottage cheese can ruin some dishes.

Health benefits

Considering the nutritional point of view, cottage cheese wins the race. Both kinds of cheese are a good source of calcium. The thing about cottage cheese is that it contains low-fat content and calories. Thus, making it an ideal choice in many instances. A downside with using cottage is its high sodium content. If you have hypertension, then don’t think of getting closer to it.

Thus, we can conclude that while replacing ricotta cheese, cottage cheese is the best replacement. The slight differences are what makes them separate cheese. The taste and flavor are alike making them a good alternative to each other. The final dish is usually milder and less creamy compared to ricotta. However, depending on what you are making, keep in check the moisture content of cottage cheese. It can cause a mess in some dishes.

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