5 Best Substitutes For Black Cod

black cod substitutes
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black cod substitutes

Is choosing the right fish a headache for you? There are so many varieties available in the market with crazy health benefits and amazing tastes. Black cod or sablefish has gray skin and is found in the depths of an ocean.

These are found in large numbers, so you can eat them without feeling guilty of endangering a fish type. Having a yin-yang look, this blackfish is a sustainable fish. The mercury levels are moderate too. However, if you want to try out something other than sablefish, carefully go through the list of black cod substitutes.

The fish is a versatile cooking item. It has very high-fat content that makes it ideal for a beginner chef. Fat stops the fish from overcooking. However, make sure to remove the extra bones before cooking. It is easy to grill and pan-roast the sablefish giving a rich flavor while eating.

The interior flesh is white, in contrast to its charcoal exterior. The taste is buttery and rich both but is usually milder than other competitors like salmon and tuna. A top benefit is a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Black Cod Substitutes

1) Chilean Sea Bass

This is the closest fish to black cod in a true way. The real name of this fish is Patagonian Toothfish. Chilean sea bass has a high-fat content like black cod. This makes it immune when put into a hot grill. You do not have to worry about overcooking it.

The taste profile is exactly the same too and gives a rich and tender flavor. You will notice it melts in your mouth like Gruyere cheese would in French onion soup. However, unlike black cod, Chilean bass is few in number.

The mercury level is comparatively higher because of its age. Adults can take only a couple of servings per month. It is one of the rare food sources containing Vitamin D. It is also rich in proteins and omega 3 fatty acids.

2) Salmon

If you can’t find anything in the market, you will still see Salmon anywhere at the grocery store. We stan Salmon, everyone stans Salmon. The taste of this fish is fishy and meaty yet mild. It adds to the high amount of omega 3 fatty acids that help reduce LDL. It is a versatile fish and can be used as a black cod alternative easily.

3) Monkfish

Funny enough but you can only eat the tail of this fish. The fillets are also sold in some stores. However, the tail wins the race. The flesh is white-colored. Monkfish occur in the North Atlantic and feed on anything they get their hands on.

Monkfish is mild in flavor and has a tender texture. It contains lean meat and is firm like black cod. It is a versatile fish. You can fry, grill, poach, or even bake it. The firm texture makes it ideal for grilling as it will not fall apart easily. Unlike sablefish, it overcooks easily because of the lean fat.

4) Halibut

Another firm fish on our list is the Halibut. It is an easy to prepare dish, so anyone looking for a quick, tasty dinner can go for it. It is the largest flatfish in the world and is cut into smaller pieces for easy use.

Halibut is both commercially manufactured and caught from the wild. The taste is mild and has lean meat. Halibut can make the yummiest fish and chips. You can further grill, steam, and sauté halibut. So, you can use halibut in place of black cod easily.

5) Haddock

Haddock fish belongs to the famous cod family. The fish resembles black cod in its mild and sweet flavor and firm texture. It is a certified sustainable fish. Haddock is famous and thus sold in fresh and frozen forms worldwide.

In Great Britain, haddock is the fish of choice while making fish and chips. You can try smoking haddock with onions or use it in Norwegian fishballs. Be careful while cooking haddock fillets as they are very delicate.

Black cod, or the sablefish, is an important part of the sea-food family. If you are unlucky to not get your hands on some, then surely go for our black cod substitutes list. You can use its closest relative the Chilean Sea Bass or some other types according to the recipe need.

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