9 Common Bella Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)

Bella Air Fryer Problems
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Bella Air Fryer Problems

Possessing an air fryer is, without a doubt, a fantastic experience for anyone who wants to begin preparing healthy and balanced food quickly and without any cooking skills.

Many meals require almost no oil, so this cooking equipment soon becomes one of the most popular cooking utensils. They are a healthier alternative to deep fryers because they produce less fat and grease.

The air fryers deliver an incredible cooking experience for everyone who wants healthy food, despite not knowing how to cook it.

Despite this, the air fryer is still a machine and can malfunction. Similarly, there are some Bella air fryer problems. All of them are solvable.

Bella Air Fryer Problems

1. It Isn’t Powering On

When the Bella air fryer doesn’t switch on or power on, it will lead to cooking issues. That being said, the issue occurs because of a faulty power cable. With time, the power cable wears out and will adversely impact the power transmission.

That being said, the users need to use a multimeter to check the continuity of the power cable. If there are any such issues, just replace the power cable and the Bella air fryer will start working properly.

2. The Cooking Cycle Isn’t Completed

An incomplete cooking cycle is one of the most common issues with the Bella air fryer. That being said, it happens because of constant power interruptions. The power interruption will restrict the functionality of the Bella air fryer.

In that case, you need to check the power outlet. This is because when the power outlet receives interrupted power, it will lead to incomplete cooking cycles.

Power outlet
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We recommend that you try another power outlet with consistent and continuous power transmission for this purpose.

3. Burnt Food

Nobody wants to eat burnt or overcooked food, and the Bella air fryer has it as a common issue. This happens when you are trying the oven recipe in an air fryer.

Burnt food
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So, when you have to use the air fryer, always ensure that you are using an air fryer-compliant ingredient. In addition, it’s suggested that you regularly check the food during the cooking cycle, so you can keep an eye.

In addition, you will learn the appropriate cooking time for every food item.

4. Smells of Previously Cooked Food In The Air Fryer

This is primarily a cleaning issue. When troubleshooting air fryer issues, you will notice that this is the most popular. Take the time to disassemble all of the plates, shelves, and other utensils.

Clean each component with soap and hot water, or in the dishwasher if the manufacturer recommends it. Maintaining anything inside the air fryer where the trays are placed is also advisable. Continue by cleaning the air fryer’s outside areas.

Some fluids from food products may have become entangled in the different corners or surfaces of the air fryer or its components. Any remaining aromas will be eliminated by thoroughly cleaning each component.

You should also consider cleaning the air fryer more carefully on a regular basis to reduce odor-producing accumulation.

5. Food Flies In The Air Fryer

If the Bella air fryer tends to blow food within the basket, you may be cooking lightweight food. The air fryers have hot air that flies up and down the lightweight food items.

To solve this issue, we suggest that you use the second wire rack over the food because it keeps the food in place. However, if you don’t have the wire rack, just use the wooden toothpicks as they help keep the food in place and won’t fly.

Wire rack
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6. Food Not Crispy

Air fryers are primarily used for cooking crispy and juicy food. When the Bella air fryer doesn’t cook crispy food or if the food is too dry, there is a lack of moisture.

If that’s the case, we suggest that you marinate the food with a thin oil layer. It will ensure that moisture sticks in place. Also, the chicken tenderloins come out perfectly crispy and juicy.

Chicken tenderloins
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Generally, this technique is great for meat or other skinless food options.

7. White Smoke

White smoke is steam, and it happens when you are cooking too moist or fatty foods. When moisture is heated, it produces steam, which is frequently confused with white smoke.

White smoke
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With this being said, you could try smelling the smoke. If the smoke smells like the food that you are cooking, there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, if there is a burnt smell in the smoke, you need to switch off the air fryer and call in the technician.

8. Black Smoke

Black smoke
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Black smoke escaping from Bella air fryer is mainly because the food has a high-fat content or level. This is because fatty contents will release grease that burns at high temperatures.

That being said, it will lead to black smoke. However, this issue is pretty minor and can be solved by adding water to the basket before initiating the cooking function.

9. Blue Smoke

Blue smoke
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Blue smoke is the result of electricity malfunctioning. This is because when the air fryer is heated up excessively, it can melt the plastic components that results in blue smoke

 If that’s the case, you will need to take the air fryer off the power source and let it cool down. Once it’s cooled down, just call in the technician and they will fix the high-temperature issue.

Get Your Air Fryer Replaced or Fixed by Contacting the Manufacturer

If you’ve attempted almost everything and it’s still not operating, you must contact the company or the retail outlet where you bought the air fryer to get it fixed.

It is not recommended to operate an air fryer at home, especially if you lack sufficient expertise. Furthermore, opening up the air fryer on your own may violate the warranty, which you wouldn’t want.

If your machine is under warranty, the factory will most likely pay for the repair or replace it with a completely new device at no cost.

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