7 Best Substitutes For Bead Molasses

bead molasses substitute
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bead molasses substitute

Molasses have been long used in Asian cuisines. There are different types of molasses around, such as dark molasses and light molasses. As far as the bead molasses is concerned, it has a similar texture, color, and sweetness as that of light molasses. Usually, bead molasses is famous for adding hues and aroma to the fish. However, if you have run out of bead molasses, we have added the bead molasses substitutes in this article. So, are you ready to get that brown sauce?

Bead Molasses Substitute

1. Honey

Honey; the famous ingredient with the perfect golden color and the floral aroma with utter sweetness. Well, honey comes in multiple varieties. So, if you want to use honey as the substitute for bead molasses, we suggest using the buckwheat honey because it has a deep color with the intense flavor. However, you should make the thin consistency with less honey to keep the sweetness at bay.

2. Sorghum

Some people call sorghum the sorghum molasses, which speaks a great deal about the similarity. As far as the sorghum is concerned, it has a fine combination of sweet and sour flavor. You can use a similar amount of sorghum as you would do with bead molasses. However, we suggest using the thin consistency to make sure the texture of the dish is not compromised.

3. Maple Syrup

Yes, maple syrup has a purpose more than topping your morning waffles. Maple syrup has a combination of caramel and malt flavor and is available in a variety of choices. For using maple syrup as the substitute for bead molasses, we suggest using the darkest variety. However, maple syrup has a consistency thinner than bead molasses, which means you need to be mindful about the proportion to add.

4. Corn Syrup

We are pretty sure that you have added corn syrup in the caramel sauce to make the smooth texture, but this liquid sweetener has more purposes to serve. The corn syrup is usually made with the neutral sweetness level and the flavor ain’t complex either. However, it looks pretty dark, which compensates for the bead molasses’ taste. While substituting it for the bead molasses, you should mix the half proportion with brown sugar to optimize the sweetness level.

5. Golden Syrup

This syrup is the darling ingredient for the people of England and is very popular out there. The golden syrup is made from sugarcane juice. The sugarcane juice is cooked to make the thick consistency (similar to corn syrup), which promises the flavor and golden color. So, you can use the golden syrup as a substitute to bead molasses, but the flavor and color will not be as vibrant.

6. Brown Sugar

Well, brown sugar itself is contained with molasses, which makes it one of the perfect substitutes out there. So, you can use the dark brown sugar to take the place of bead molasses that optimizes the sweetness, color, and texture. However, you will need to make the syrup yourself if the grainy form is not suitable for the recipe.

7. Go DIY

For the people who have no substitutes available, this DIY will be the life-saver. So, to substitute one cup of bead molasses, you need to mix the following ingredients;

  • Half cup honey
  • Half cup corn syrup
  • Half cup brown sugar
  • Half cup maple syrup

Things To Keep In Mind

Everything is designed to serve a unique purpose, flavor, and texture. Similarly, the bead molasses have their own perks to share. So, if you are going to use the bead molasses substitute, we suggest that you keep the following things in mind;

  • Bead molasses has its own flavor, the perfect combination of caramel and coffee with the pinch of bitterness. This means that the substitute will not optimize such flavor
  • The bead molasses are extremely dark, so there are chances that your bread will not be as tanned with substitute
  • You might have to compromise on the density and moisture of baked goods if you are using some substitute rather than bead molasses. This is because bead molasses has hygroscopic properties
bead molasses substitute
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